Backwoods Playlist 3/16/96

Artist					Title

Bill Doggett				Backwoods(intro)

The Coasters				That is rock'n'roll

Mercy Baby				Rock'n'roll baby

Dave Bartholomew			Yeah yeah

Huey Piano Smith & the Clowns		Don't you just know it

Lynn Hope				Blue and Sentimental

Percy Mayfield				What a fool I was

Little Miss Cornshucks			Papa Treetop Blues

Arthur Lee Mayes & the Crowns		Truly

The Delmore Brothers			Peach tree street boogie

Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys		Who walks in when I walk out

The Hi flyers				Juke box jump

Jimmie Rivers & the Cherokees		Surf ride

The Dave and Deke Combo			Deke's hot guitar

Jimmy Bryant				Jammin' with Jimmy

Skeets McDonald				Don't push me too far

Minnie Pearl & Grandpa Jones		Spring Fever

Johnny Otis				Ring-a-ling

Fats Domino				Please don't leave me

Roy Montrell				Mellow Saxophone

Jerry Lewis				Yup

Jerry Lewis				Candelabra Boogie

Merrill Moore				Barrelhouse Bessie

Little Richard				All around the world

Rudi Grayzell 				Rockin'n'Flyin'

Evelyn Harlene & Casey Clark's		I wanna be free

Sonny Fisher				Rockin' Daddy

Arthur Guitar Smith			Guitar Boogie

Elvis Presley				Good rockin' tonight

Chuck Berry				The Promised Land

The Longhairs				Go go go

Al Green				I'm so lonesome I could cry

Esther Phillips				Release Me

James Carr				Sowed love and reaped a heartache

Charlie Rich				When something is wrong with my baby

Johnny Horton				I'm coming home

Lee Dorn				Rockin' Daddy

Sonny West				Rock-ola Daddy

Werly Fairburn				Everybody's rockin'

Jerry Lee Lewis				This must be the place

Elvis Presley				Steamroller Blues

If you have any questions about what I've played drop me a line.
John Funke

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