Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
(station ID, show intro)
Allen Devine Mishap DEVdisc 9 Tristesse (Valentine)
George Winston Night Divides The Day - The Music Of The Doors RCA 12 Riders On The Storm
Craig Urquhart Evocation Heartearth 3 The Whale's Lament
Anouar Brahem Le Pas Du Chat Noir ECM 6 Toi Qui Sait
(talk, station promo)
Urban Ambience The Endorphins Justify the Meanderings WBlaBlaBla 11 Berries From the Untermensch
Urban Ambience Exiles in Limbo WBlaBlaBla 1 Skinkansen Shuffle
Dave Stringer Brink Valley 11 Brink
Stephan Micus Towards The Wind ECM 1 Before Sunrise
Gregg Jarrell Timepiece Eloquent 2 Melody's Heart
(talk, station ID)
Anouar Brahem Trio Astrakan Cafe ECM 9 Khotan
Krishna Raghavendra The Great Train Journey Ragha 8 Reminiscence
Sonic Tribe Spirit Rising Soundings 8 Mirage
Tom Salvatori Under Cover of Darkness BDS 9 Music for Nono
Ira Stein The Heart Aid Project Spring Hill Music 7 Silent Prayer
(talk, PSA)
Jeffrey Roden The Floor of the Forest Big Tree 1 The Beauty of Women
Benjy Wetheimer Circle Of Fire Ancient Future 1 Eclipse
Agricantus Trance Planet Volume 6 Triloka 1 Hava
Weather Report Live & Unreleased (Disc 1) Columbia 2 Plaza Real
Beatriz Pichi Malen Trance Planet Volume 6 Triloka 10 Cancion Para Dormir A Uno Ninõ
Sheldon Sands Dead Sea Strolls Hapi Skratch 5 Waseem's Taqasim