Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
(station ID, show intro)
Yannatou, Savina & Primavera En Salonico Sumiglia ECM 4 Porondos Viz Partjan
As One Out Of The Darkness Ubiquity 5 Leviathan
Jim Cole The Way Beyond Spectral Spiral 6 6
Yannatou, Savina & Primavera En Salonico Sumiglia ECM 14 Ela Ipne Ke Pare To
(talk, station promo)
Thai Elephant Orchestra Elephonic Rhapsodies Mulatta 11 Floating Down The Pin River
Paul Motian I Have The Room Above Her ECM 1 Osmosis Part III
Jamie Baum Septet Moving Forward, Standing Still OmniTone 8 Bar Talk
Funki Porcini Fast Asleep NinjaTune 14 Back Home
Bill Frisell Unspeakable Nonesuch 10 D. Sharpe
Bill Frisell Unspeakable Nonesuch 11 Fields of Alfalfa
(talk, station ID)
Pamela Z A Delay Is Better Starkland 11 Feral
(interview with Michal Miskiewicz)
Tomasz Stanko Quartet Suspended Night ECM 3 Suspended Variation II
Wasilewski, Kurkiewicz, Miskiewicz Trio ECM 11 Free Combinations For 3 Instruments
(talk, PSA)
Proem Socially Inept Merck 3 Invisible For All
Bodil Rørbech Violin Vision Troy 1 Aarhus for violin & tape (Mario Mary)
Bruce Arnold / Olivier Ker Ourio Duets Muse-Eek 2 Blue Lotus
Mo'Horizons ... And The New Bohemian Freedom Stereo Deluxe 2 Holy Water