Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
(station ID, intro, bed music) Tavener: Total Eclipse Harmonia Mundi 1 Total Eclipse
Clarinet Thing Agony Pipes And Misery Sticks BC 5 Fired Manager Blues
Beth Custer & Joe Goode Maverick Strain & Other Stories BC 3 What The Body Knows
Meredith Monk Dolmen Music ECM 1 Gotham Lullaby
Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica The Russian Seasons Nonesuch 9 Svadebaskaya (Nuptial Song)
(talk, station promo)
Hammock Kenotic HMK 6 Miles To Go Before Sleep
Adelaide Adelaide Adelaide 5 Bombardiers
Bodil Rørbech Violin Vision Troy 2 …de la Terre (Kaija Saariaho)
Proem Socially Inept Merck 13 No.Imback
(talk, station ID)
Peter Busboom The Beginning Busboom 5 Hollywood's Loss
Daniel Lentz Los Tigres De Marte Cold Blue 1 Los Tigres De Marte
Bobby Previte Hue and Cry Enja 4 700 Camels
Merrie Siegel Flute Music of the Americas Albany 9 Charanga (Colquhoun)
(talk, PSA)
The Claudia Quintet I, Claudia Cuneiform 5 Adowa (for gra)
Alec K. Redfearn & Eyesores The Quiet Room Cuneiform 13 The Quiet Room
Tomorrowland Stereoscopic Soundwaves Darla 3 100101111
Mo'Horizons ... And The New Bohemian Freedom Stereo Deluxe 9 Mambuloo