Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
(station ID, intro)
Lemon Jelly Lost Horizons Lemon 2 Space Walk
Jay C. Easton So Low De Profundis 16 Shekov: Nocturne
The Other Method No Bridges No Walls Wooden Finger 1 track 1
Erik Lindgren (CD-R) sFz 1 Satie: Reverie
(talk, station promo)
Tin Hat Trio The Rodeo Eroded Rope a Dope 8 The Last Cowboy
Dave Douglas Mountain Passages Koch 12 Bury Me Standing
Prem Joshua Tandava Sounds True 3 Mangalam [Remix: Sean Dinsmore]
Color And Talea Project Mayhem Bad Bread 7 Decomposition #4
Leo Tardin Grandpianoramax ObliqSound 4 The Walk
(talk, station ID)
Butch Morris Dust To Dust New World 7 Othello A
Phillip Schroeder Music for Piano Capstone 16 Moons: New
Mitchell Akiyama Small Explosions That Are Yours To Keep Subrosa 6 Small Explosions…
(talk, PSA)
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto Insen Asphodel 4 Moon
Ryan Teague Six Preludes Type Recordings 3 Prelude III
Adam Wronski The Polish Tradition Albany 1 Mazurka: My Dreams
Circus Devils Five Pollard 23 The Other Heart
Nudge Cached Kranky 3 Contact
Lemon Jelly Lost Horizons Lemon 7 Closer