Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
(station ID, intro)
Christian Wallumrød A Year From Easter ECM 1 Arch Song
Tantroniq Mantra Machine Tantroniq 5 The Persistance of Memory
Curtis Hughes Avoidance Tactics Hughes 2 Salt In The Wound
Gianmaria Testa Italian Café Putumayo 8 Dentro Al Cinema
Jeffrey Roden Seeds of Happiness Pt 1 Big Tree 8 Theme #10
(talk, station promo)
Michael Galasso High Lines ECM 14 Fog and After
Diving Bell Diving Bell Ace 1 Diving Bell
Nguyên Lê Walking On The Tiger's Tail ACT 9 Evening Glory
(talk, station ID)
Mark Dresser & Denman Maroney Time Changes Cryptogramophone 8 Lateral Mass
The Fully Celebrated Orchestra Lapis Exilis Skycap 8 Lapis Exilis
Lucy Wenger Through an Open Window Innova 10 Giteck:Tara's Love (Affectionately Outward)
(talk, PSA)
Tord Gustavsen Trio The Ground ECM 12 The Ground
Rainstick Orchestra Floating Glass Key in the Sky Ninja Tune 7 A Closed Circuit
Patrick O'Hearn Slow Time O'Hearn 1 Music For Three Vibraphones
Lemon Jelly Lost Horizons Lemon 7 Closer