Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
(station ID, intro)
PJ Newman The Hand of Dog Origin 3 Son of Chinese Water Torture
Kyaw Kyaw Naing Bang On A Can Meets… Cantaloupe 3 Sein Chit Tee A Mhat Ta Ya
Harp 46 Passage Harp46 13 Unspoken
Steve Peters From Shelter Cold Blue 4 My Burning Skin to Sleep
(talk, station promo)
Klément Julienne Panamerican Dreyfus 10 Cincha Cumbao
Moodfood Ice Moodfood 4 Shaken Not Stirred
Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard Early Morning Migration Microcosm 11 A Long Time Ago
(talk, station ID)
Jay C. Easton So Low De Profundis 16 Shekov / Nocturne
Eraldo Bernocchi / Harold Budd Fragments From The Inside Sub Rosa 1 One
Mouse On Mars Live 04 Sonig 2 Diskdusk
Ben Thomas Group Triskaidekaphobia Origin 5 Triskaidekaphobia
Stefano Pilía Healing Memories Last Visible Dog 4 The Holy Ghost Bird
(talk, PSA)
Chris Abrahams Thrown Room 40 6 Hung Door
Coyote Poets of the Universe Movin' to the Moment Jazztales 12 Coyote Ona Mesa
Ashtray Navigators The Love that Whirrs Last Visible Dog 4 Psychedelic Psamosa
Speak in Tones Subaro Alpha Pocket 1A Douson Foly