Diving Bell Diving Bell Ace Fu 1 Diving Bell
(station ID, intro)
Crowell, Doles, Quinn Don't Look Down Suilven 4 After the Wind
Adrian Collier Rhapsodic (unreleased) 1 (track 1)
Bikneva Even Stars Burn Out On Their Own Big John 1 Little Vacation
Bikneva Even Stars Burn Out On Their Own Big John 2 Guncleaning
(talk, station promo)
Pitch Black [Nz] Ape To Angel Waveform 9 Empty Spaces Missing Units
Manu Katché Neighbourhood ECM 2 Number One
Los Angeles Flute Quartet Above & Beyond LAFQ 7 Pari Intervallo
Yuka Honda Eucademix Tzadik 9 Parallel
Yuka Honda Eucademix Tzadik 11 Phantomime
Bill Sethares Microtonal Music Experience Mills 4 Glass Lake
(talk, station ID)
Neil Haverstick Microtonal Music Experience Mills 5 Snake Dance
Richard Sanford Microtonal Music Experience Mills 7 Pient Molles
Sui Vesan Merging With Brook World Village 6 Circulation
Michael Waters Famous In Mongolia LadyBird 2 Atahualpa Yupanqui
(talk, PSA)
Harvestman Lashing The Rye Neurot 5 Over Nine Waves
Mountains Sewn apestaartje 3 Simmer
Joel A. Martin Jazzical Perestroika Jazzical 8 Prelude In G Minor Number 22
Eliott James Cinematic Life James 3 In The Deep
Jai Uttal & Ben Leinbach Loveland Sounds True 1 Twameva