Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
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Jeremy Haladyna The Mayan Cycle Innova 7 Intelligent Life On Other Flutes
Elliott Carter Music of E. Carter, Vol 8 Bridge 5A Tintinnabulation for six percussionists
Eliyahu Sills Eastern Wind Embarka 4 Noldu Bu Gunlar
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Chinary Ung Luminous Spirals Bridge 1 Child Song (1985)
Jeff Platz Quartet feat. Daniel Carter Panoramic Skycap 3 Dance of the Minotaurs
Eric Glick Rieman Trilogy From the Outside Rieman 1A In ou, I See Your Past Identities
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(Lukas Ligeti non-interview)
Burkina Electric Paspanga Cantaloupe 8 To Mi To Zi
Lukas Ligeti Afrikan Machinery Tzadik 4 Great Circle's Tune I
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Henry Brant H. Brant Collection Vol 8 Innova 3 Revenge Before Breakfast
Marc Wagnon Earth Is a Cruel Master 3 Osiris Pre-science
Paul Paccione Our Beauties Are Not Ours New World 1 Rhapsody