Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
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Alexander Berne: Abandoned Orchestra Self Referentials Innova A8 Amphibiana
Alexander Berne: Abandoned Orchestra Self Referentials Innova A9 Of Fugal Melancholia
Lara Downes 13 Ways of Looking at the Goldberg Tritone 7 Hersch: Melancholy Minuet
Lara Downes Exiles' Cafe Steinway 4 Chopin: Mazurka No. 1 In F Sharp Minor, Op. 6, No. 1
Phil Scarff Ragas From Dusk Galloping Goat 1 Raga Puriya, Alap
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Brendan Burns Timestamp BB 3 C-B Tune
Loop 2.4.3 American Dreamland Music Starts From Silence 10 Alchemy II: Dreamland
Christian Wolff 8 Duos New World A1 For Morty
Jussi Reijonen Un UNCD 4 Toumani (Blues For Mick)
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Jussi Reijonen Un UNCD 5 Nuku Sie
Klang!!! Brooklyn Lines ... Chicago Spaces AllosDocuments 5 It Felt As If Time Had Stopped
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Various $100 Guitar Project Bridge B2 Light erases the thought (Fred Frith)
Various $100 Guitar Project Bridge A29 5.2.Onnne (Julia A. Miller)
Various $100 Guitar Project Bridge A7 Watch And Watch (Biota)
Felice Clemente, Javier Pérez Forte Escaleras Crocevia di Suoni 6 O Que Sera