Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
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Linsey Pollak Mrs Curly And The Norwegian Smoking Pipe LP 4 Re-Acquaintance / Sandansko Horo
Junkadelic Brass Band City Farm Sessions EP Funkfactory 1 Baron Samedi
Lumen Drones Lumen Drones ECM 7 Keelwater
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Rick Cutler Daydreams (Probably) New Dude 7 Amuse Bouche 3
Rick Cutler Daydreams (Probably) New Dude 9 Walking Meditation
Kyle Gann Long Night Cold Blue 1 Long Night (For Three Pianos)
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Ross Hammond Follow Your Heart RH 2 Of Course We Will (Follow Your Heart)
Sound Etiquette Sound Etiquette Orenda 1 Entrance
The Crossing Seven Responses Innova 1A To the Hands I. Prelude (Caroline Shaw)
Volti This is What Happened Innova 6 Songs of Lowly Life 6. Old (Stacy Garrop)
Michael Whalen Dream Cycle Valley 9 The End of the Line
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Ugly Beauties Strange Attractors UB 2 Blue Violins
Chen - Kaiser - Wadada Leo Smith - Winant Ocean of Storms Fractal 1 Bay of Honor
Paula Matthusen Pieces For People Innova 8 In Absentia
Paula Matthusen Pieces For People Innova 1 Sparrows in Supermarkets (excerpt)