Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
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Julian Kytasty Nights in Banduristan (none) 6 Improvisation VI
Simon O'Connor What Is Living And What Is Dead Ergodos 1 I
Eriks Esenvalds The Doors of Heaven Naxos 1 The First Tears
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The Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet Diablo En Brooklyn APS 2 Part 3 - The Brooklyn Suite
Roberto Ottaviano Astrolabio Dodicilune 5 Meu Sidi Ibrahim
Jeffrey Roden Threads of a Prayer Vol 1 Solaire 1A Twelve Prayers: One
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Eric Copeland Goofballs DFA 2 Neckbone (excerpt)
Tony Conrad Ten Years Alive on the Inifinite Plain Superior Viaduct B1 Ten Years Alive… (excerpt)
Coil Time Machines Dais 3 5-Methoxy-N, N-Dimethyltryptamine: (5-MeO-DMT) (excerpt)
Dire Wolves Excursions to Cloudland Beyond Beyond is Beyond 2 Fogged Out (One)
Lustmord Dark Matter Touch 3 Black Static (excerpt)
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Hammock Mysterium Hammock 9 For My Sister
Niko Karlsson Valosta Valoon (unknown) 2 Unen Oma
Golden Retriever Rotations Thrill Jockey 2 A Kind of Leaving
Providence Research Ensemble Music of J.P.A.Falzone Infrequent Seams 1 Method 0 - Epitaxis