Compagnie Christian Vieussens Noche en Vela CIRMA 3 Arc 96
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Peter Garland After the Wars Cold Blue 4 After the Wars: IV. A Snowy Morning
David Garland Verdancy (unknown) A2 ColorPiece Part 2
David Garland Verdancy (unknown) A3 Periodicity
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James Romig Still, for Solo Piano New World 1 Still (excerpt)
Clarice Jensen For this from that will be filled Miasmah 1 bc
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Joan Jeanrenaud Visual Music JJ 17 Ethereal Tree
Kari Ikonen Ikonostasis Ozella 8 Catubada de Teheran
Kari Ikonen Ikonostasis Ozella 9 Cappella Nella Luna
Iceland Symphony Orch Recurrence Sonoluminus 7 Dreaming (Thorvaldsdottir)
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Stu Hunter The Gathering Vitamin 10 Bundanon Part II
Stu Hunter The Gathering Vitamin 11 Wind Spirit
Stu Hunter The Gathering Vitamin 12 Finale
Erik Griswold Ecstatic Descent Cold Blue 1 Ecstatic Descent (excerpt)