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At the present time this website is under construction. Until it is complete, here is a listing of some hot links that will exemplify the diversity of music that can be found on Backwoods:

The Blue Flame Cafe: all the music I play stems from the blues, and this is a website I've recently discovered that gives biographical information on the whole range of blues musicians from country blues to electric blues to jump blues.

Sun Records History: a brief history of the seminal record label, where country music and rhythm 'n' blues came together to create rockabilly and rock 'n' roll.

Sinatra Homepage: Backwoods covers music from the tar paper shacks of Tennesee to the neon lounges of Las Vegas. This is an excellent website focusing on the man who defines that connection.

Hot Rock-50's RNR & Rockabilly: A French website covering vintage rock'n'roll that keeps getting better.