WMBR Supa Dupa Space Faces Bustin Timerfakes Sleepyhead caUSE co-MOTION! Harlem Shakes +/-

WMBR is the student-run radio station of MIT. We offer an alternative to mainstream radio with an eclectic mix of rock, rap, jazz, soul, talk, and everything inbetween. Our stream is avaiable at our website, and we broadcast at 88.1 FM to the greater Boston area.

The Spring Weekend festival will be FREE and open to the public!! Concert is at 48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. Map of the building is here


Supa Dupa, 12pm

Super-fun MIT band!


Space Faces, 2pm

Spaced-out noise rock in yr face. All the way from Chicago!!! And Cambridge. Cambricago? Influences include Pete and Pete.


Bustin Timberfakes, 1pm

Local Justin Timberlake cover band.


Sleepyhead, 3pm

Melodic guitar rock since '89. Awesome then, Awesome now.


caUSE co-MOTION!, 4pm

Slumberland Records indie pop - lo-fi and catchy as hell. Cut from the cloth of Guided By Voices and the Television Personalities. In other words, its what "indie pop" was SUPPOSED to mean.


Harlem Shakes, 5pm

These guys are getting a metric shit-ton of buzz. They've toured with Vampire Weekend, Deerhunter, Deerhoof, Beirut, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Village Voice named them one of the best of NYC.


+/-, 6pm

Indietronic with HEART. From the ashes of seminal indie rock band Versus, but more than standing on their own now.