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Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra &
Old School Psych

Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra &

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Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra is a music and video collaboration between Ken Winokur (percussion and junk; Alloy Orchestra), Jonathan LaMaster (violin, guitars, electronics; Cul de Sac), Russ Gershon (horns and electronics; Either/Orchestra). Between 1967 and 1969, Ken Brown shot super 8 films to project with the Road Show light show at Boston’s premiere rock club The Boston Tea Party. The resulting films, cobbled together to make the current PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA, stand today as an amazing window on another time.

This show will be two hours of nonstop visual/audio thrills, including new Psychedelic Cinema visual material, a Live Liquid Light Show feat. Allie Coppola, and "Sublings" feat. DJs Flack and Pace doing live video scratching with music.



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