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Friday Programs:
6:30-7am Bird Listening
Hosted by: Kristen Sunter
Birdwatching involves not only our eyes but also our ears. We'll learn how to identify songs and calls and discuss all things avian.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 19 06:30 am
Fri Sep 12 06:30 am
7-8am The Scene
Hosted by: Nick Saloman & Paul Simmons
Psychedelia, soul, surf, blues, rock, beat, mod, prog, easy, rock & roll and a whole lot more fed through the distinctly British mincer that is The Bevis Frond's Nick Saloman and The Alchemysts' Paul Simmons Scene Radio show.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 19 07:00 am
Fri Sep 12 07:00 am
8-10am Breakfast of Champions
Hosted by: Roman, Ted, Becca, Keith & Jon
Start your morning off right with a bowl full of sugary sweet pop goodness, sprinkle on some tasty punk influences, and help yourself to the buffet of sumptuous soundscapes, melancholy melodies, quirky cadences and raucous rock.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 19 08:00 am
Fri Sep 12 08:00 am
10am-Noon Late Risers' Club
Hosted by: Mateo, Olga, Mark Francis, Jeff Breeze, Tim R, Joanie, Mully w/F-Bomb Allen, Ben and Ron
The ONLY show on the planet that's been playing punk rock every weekday since 1977. Wake up, tune in, rock out!

Twitter Feed: @laterisersclub
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 19 10:00 am
Fri Sep 12 10:00 am
Noon-2pm Lost and Found
Hosted by: Mark Francis, Eli Polonsky, Brother Wayne, Christopher Vyce, Alex McNeil
Rock, pop, and soul from the ’60s and early ’70s, but not the same old songs you hear every day on commercial radio.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 19 12:00 pm
Fri Sep 12 12:00 pm
2-4pm Coffeetime
Hosted by: Angelynn Grant
Hard bop, bebop, west coast and cool, early and vocal jazz. Plus, every so often, jazz from the movies or TV. And, at the end of the show, a little bit of gospel, a little bit of soul. Coffeetime turned 20 in Feb 2012. Knock loudly :: happy face.

Twitter Feed: @angelynng
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 19 02:00 pm
Fri Sep 12 02:00 pm
4-5:30pm I Love a Parade
Hosted by: Lindsay Ellison
Who doesn't love a parade? You never know wha'cher gonna get when spoken word, the local conversations and roots/rock music float by. Throwin' ear candy atcha... Catch it!
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 19 04:00 pm
Fri Sep 12 04:00 pm
5:30-6pm WMBR Nightly News
Hosted by: WMBR News Department
Independent national journalism emphasizing timely issues and in-depth analysis. Plus the bi-weekly Local Edition, with reporting from the WMBR News Department and Open Media Boston.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 19 05:30 pm
Fri Sep 12 05:30 pm
6-7pm What's Left
Hosted by: Linda Pinkow
A mix of live interviews, pre-recorded talk, music of all genres, art and culture, poetry and humor, from a left perspective.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 12 06:00 pm
7-8pm Excommunicated by the Catholic Church
Hosted by: Elizabeth Rider; Ana Neri
We’re like the dessert menu at a fancy restaurant- delicious and decadent, but leaves a bitter aftertaste of “Was it really worth the money?”
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 12 07:00 pm
8-9pm Analogue Bubblebath
Hosted by: plasmön
Bleak waveforms coax you towards slow-wave sleep; encompasses classic electronic, acid, ambient, idm, trip-hop, and post-rock.

Twitter Feed: @ab_wmbr
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 12 08:00 pm
9-10pm The Anarchist Agenda
Hosted by: Derb
Playing whatever I want since 2013. Politically charged music, and maybe even some news!
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 12 09:00 pm
10-11pm Ignition
Hosted by: PYR
Get ready to ignite your week with some of the most exciting sounds out right now. With the biggest Deep House, Tech House, Electro, and Progressive tracks, you'll find yourself dancing in your seat in only a few minutes.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Sep 12 10:00 pm
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