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Saturday Programs:
6-8am 88 Rewound
Hosted by: Alex McNeil, Keith Sawyer, Patrick Bryant or Christopher Vyce
"88 Rewound" counts down the hits from a week in the past (50s, 60s, 70s or 80s), as they appeared on a local radio survey.
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 30 06:00 am
Sat May 23 06:00 am
8-10am Lost Highway
Hosted by: Doug Gesler
Music to bale hay by....
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 30 08:00 am
Sat May 23 08:00 am
10am-Noon Backwoods
Hosted by: John Funke
The best in vintage rock n roll, country and western and rhythm n blues. More songs about Cadillacs and chicken.

Twitter Feed: @johnthefunke
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 30 10:00 am
Sat May 23 10:00 am
Noon-1pm Subject to Change
Hosted by: Patrick Bryant
Kid-tested. Mother-approved. Court-Enjoined. Subject to Change features disco, dance and dub, along with Somerville Speakout, actual complaints from actual neighbors.
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 30 12:00 pm
Sat May 23 12:00 pm
1-2pm The Paradox Box
Hosted by: Allison
Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll is what you need.
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 30 01:00 pm
Sat May 23 01:00 pm
Sat May 16 01:00 pm
2-4pm King Ghidorah
Hosted by: Marianna, Nancy and Will
AARRGH! The three headed beast continues to rampage the airwaves with a discordant blend of indie-rock, indie P!O!P!, and punk.
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 30 02:00 pm
Sat May 23 02:00 pm
Sat May 16 02:00 pm
4-6pm Aural Fixation
Hosted by: Sue
From the paisley underground, dark attics, and the edge of space - you'll hear fuzzed out guitars, heavy psych, drone, & poppy punk from 50 years ago to the latest releases.
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 23 04:00 pm
Sat May 16 04:00 pm
6-8pm James Dean Death Car Experience
Hosted by: Lisa
You wake up and it's spring. Do you a)mourn the loss of snow, b)watch the trees leaf out, c)sneeze, d)open all the windows and blast the dulcet sounds of the Death Car?
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 23 06:00 pm
Sat May 16 06:00 pm
8-10pm The Show Show
Hosted by: Magogo
Tune in to get down. Start your night off right with Electro, New Wave, Italo-Disco, Post-Punk and more every Saturday night.
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 23 08:00 pm
Sat May 16 08:00 pm
10-11pm Rookie Mistakes
Hosted by: Victor Gutierrez & Elizabeth Rider
We don't know what we're playing. You don't know what you're hearing. Come join us for a discombobulated musical adventure every week.
11pm-Midnight Necroticism
Hosted by: Lauren Paul
An exploration of metal, from the extreme to the atmospheric.
Midnight-2am Mellow Madness
Hosted by: Preston J. Porter
Listen as host PJ Porter sets the ambiance with the sexiest and best R&B slow jams to get you and your loved one close. Looking for that song you fell in love to, something new and hot; hes got just what you are looking for. Express you love to special someone with a live dedication its easy. Come aboard and enjoy this love affair called Mellow Madness Feel The Heat!!!!
Listen to past shows:  Sun May 24 01:00 am
Sun May 17 01:00 am
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