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Wednesday Programs:
6-8am French Toast
Hosted by: Brian & Yves
Bonjour les enfants, c'est mercredi! In France, there is no school on Wednesdays and kids get to watch TV and play all day. Not here, but it's no reason to despair... the fun starts at 6 with the best in all genres of French-language music, local event listings, ticket giveaways and interviews. Wake up now, French Toast is served hot!
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 06:00 am
Wed Jan 21 06:00 am
8-10am Breakfast of Champions
Hosted by: Katie, Jeff, Ted, Becca, Lucy, Keith & Jon
Start your morning off right with a bowl full of sugary sweet pop goodness, sprinkle on some tasty punk influences, and help yourself to the buffet of sumptuous soundscapes, melancholy melodies, quirky cadences and raucous rock.
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 08:00 am
Wed Jan 21 08:00 am
10am-Noon Late Risers' Club
Hosted by: Joanie, Mark, Mully, Olga, Jeff, Tim, Mateo, Angela, Fred, Ron and Ben!
Rocking you hardest, earliest since 1977. The longest running punk rock show on the planet. Wake up, tune in, rock out!
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 10:00 am
Wed Jan 21 10:00 am
Noon-2pm Lost and Found
Hosted by: Mark Francis, Eli Polonsky, Brother Wayne, Christopher Vyce, Alex McNeil, Bob Dubrow, Lawrence Azrin
Rock, pop, and soul from the 60s and early 70s, but not the same old songs you hear every day on commercial radio.
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 12:00 pm
Wed Jan 21 12:00 pm
2-4pm Gorilla Got Me
Hosted by: Sister Sara J.
Crazed sounds created by the rejects, rebels and assorted losers of rock n roll!
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 02:00 pm
Wed Jan 21 02:00 pm
4-5:30pm In the Margin
Hosted by: Sue, Chuck, Bob
Shed the shackles binding your ears and join our aural expedition to new musical outposts. Be fearless! Freedom from form is a moment away!
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 04:00 pm
Wed Jan 21 04:00 pm
5:30-6pm WMBR Nightly News
Hosted by: WMBR News Department
News and views from journalists and independent producers around the country with an emphasis on critical issues of the day and in-depth analysis. Plus local reporting from the WMBR News Department and Open Media Boston.
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 05:30 pm
Wed Jan 21 05:30 pm
6-8pm Sound Principles
Hosted by: Fred Allen
Avant garde jazz on the radio? Free jazz and post-bop, too? Yes. From America and around the world, all recorded in the 21st century.
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 06:00 pm
Wed Jan 21 06:00 pm
8-9pm Slow and Unsteady
Hosted by: Tim Gilman
Serving as your surrogate for sadness since 2010.
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 08:00 pm
Wed Jan 21 08:00 pm
9-10pm Music by Dead People
Hosted by: Brian Sennett
Brew a cup of tea and enjoy the best of classical music, from medieval to modern - and enjoy a few facts along the way!
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 09:00 pm
Wed Jan 21 09:00 pm
10-11pm A Tempo
Hosted by: Valerie Peng, Derek Wu
"A Tempo" explores a wide variety of classical music, from the historically significant to the up-and-coming. Tune in for pieces you'll recognize and pieces you won't!
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 10:00 pm
Wed Jan 21 10:00 pm
11pm-Midnight Study Break
Hosted by: Isabel Chien, Micaela Hall
Spend your weekday evening with us and listen to some indie/mainstream rock/pop and us talk about our super interesting daily lives.
Listen to past shows:  Wed Jan 28 11:00 pm
Wed Jan 21 11:00 pm
Midnight-1am Dissonance
Hosted by: Caitlin Fischer
A scattering of indie rock, folk and alternative from all the various corners of the genres.
Listen to past shows:  Thu Jan 29 12:00 am
Thu Jan 22 12:00 am
Alternates Weekly
The Happy Hour
Hosted by: Trevor and Ru
Music that makes you happy.
Upcoming shows: Feb 5, Feb 19
Listen to past shows:  Thu Jan 22 01:00 am
Alternates Weekly
Happy Hour
Hosted by: Tally Portnoi and Jessie Zhao
Take a break and Chill during Happy Hour with Jessie and Tals. Well share our favorite tunes with you, drawing from a broad spectrum of indie/alternative music.
Upcoming shows: Feb 12, Feb 26
Listen to past shows:  Thu Jan 29 01:00 am
2-3am Symphony of the Night
Hosted by: Robbie and Grant
Come listen to us rant about video games and listen to cool music! New topics and musical themes every week.
Listen to past shows:  Thu Jan 29 02:00 am
Thu Jan 22 02:00 am
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