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Two Hour Special and Interview with Terry Draper of Klaatu on WMBR's Lost & Found Program

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
12:00pm - 2:00pm

Here's the headline of an article from a Providence newspaper in 1977: "Coould Klaatu Be Beatles? Mystery is a Magical Tour." That was based on a copy heard of a debut album by a band named Klaatu, with a song or two in it that sounded like latter day Fab Four. There was no intent to fool the people. It just had little to no information on the album cover. It was in fact a Canadian band with a very cool record, whose best known song became "Calling Occupants From Interplanetary Craft," which later became a hit by, of all people, The Carpenters. Klaatu barely survived the resulting ordeal (although it did sell over half a million copies), but managed to release five albums from 1976-1981. Original drummer Terry Draper explains the mystery.

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Bob Dubrow

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