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The WMBR Rock/Pop/Punk Concert Report

Wednesday, Feb. 28
• Feardotcom, Facility, and Rick Gnarly - O'Briens
• Invisible Rays, Luddites, and Blatant Doom Trip - Silhouette Lounge
• Lily Hiatt, Molly Martin, and Magen Tracy - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Life in Vacuum, Fat Randy, Saedyyr, and Porcelain - Koto, Salem, MA
Thursday, Feb. 29
• Mulva, Sun Organ, Bella Steel, and Prior Panic - O'Briens
• The Ghost Club, and Fuller - Middle East Upstairs
• Betty White Devil, and The Nobides - Silhouette Lounge
• Impossible Dog, Pregame Rituals, Jude Ivy, and Tiffy - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
Friday, Mar. 1
• Burp, The Peacocks, Class President, and The Ghouls - Middle East Upstairs
• Mortician, Hivesmasher, and Commuted - Middle East Downstairs [7PM]
• Provoker, Kumo 99, and Lily Piette - O'Briens
• The Femmes - Midway Cafe 21+ [9:30]
• Twin Temple, and Vowws - Royale
• Conor Storms & his Bouquet, Island of Alaska, Cloud Nine, and Rootiger - The Jungle
• Happy Just to See You, Hey I'm Outside, and Sailor Down - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• Bomb Pack, Hyber, and The Skrims - Koto, Salem, MA
• Bed of Razors, Face First, Be Released, and Impulse Control - Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA
Saturday, Mar. 2
• SEA, King Bastard, Eight Foot Manchild, and North Star the Wanderer - O'Briens
• TJ Welch & the Wasted, Hold Fast, The McGunks, and State of the Union - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• The Worst, and Big Bad Bobby - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Profanatica, Nunslaughter, and Tombs - Sonia
• Mutoid Man, and Iron Horse - Sinclair
• Grant Lee Phillips - City Winery
• Buck Lonesome, Jeff Remis & Biran White, Chloe Tucker, and Kev on the Keys - The Jungle
• This is the Kit, and Sam Amidon - Center for the Arts at the Armory
• James Montgomery, Robin Lane, and Jon Butcher - Regent Theater, Arlington
Sunday, Mar. 3
• Mike Mains & the Branches, and We Demand Parachutes - Middle East Upstairs
• Day Grazer, Sowing, Grub Lord, and Blind Melloncamp - O'Briens
• Martin/Morrell/Fredette, Girl with a Hawk, and I Want a Cat - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Protex, Crimps, and Mystery Girl - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA [6PM]
• Left Lane Cruiser, Nate Bergman, and Hambone Skinny - Askew, Providence, RI [6PM]
• Jonathan Richman & Tommy Larken - Nashua Center for the Arts
Monday, Mar. 4
• Boarzoy, Drug Deal Gone Rad, and Capt Birthday & the Undertaker - O'Briens
Tuesday, Mar. 5
• Porno for Pyros, and Tigerclub - MGM Music Hall all ages
• Academy Order, Bar Chord Better, and Knock Over City - O'Briens
• Dandy Warhols, and Sister of Your Sunshine Vapor - Royale
Wednesday, Mar. 6
• Genghar, and Ginger Taylor - Middle East Upstairs
• Why Try, Big Rav, Robotic Hawks, and Strange Color Sky - O'Briens
• Reklama, Thetamancer, and Tony Batey - Midway Cafe
• Phagocyte, Scalp the Pioneer, Grasp, and Stryga - Silhouette Lounge
• Hurray for the Riff Raff - Sinclair
• Pony, and Pale Lungs - The Rockwell
Thursday, Mar. 7
• Nice Guys, Rick Rude, F*cko, and The Modern Faces - O'Briens
• The Snuts - Sinclair
• Glitterer, Glixon, and Gollylagging - The Rockwell
Friday, Mar. 8
• Panic Problem, Wasting Time, and Health & Safety - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• F.A.T.E., FOCO, ICU, and Impulse Control - O'Briens
• Mclusky, Martha's Vineyard Ferries, and Minibeast - Sinclair
• Mark Farina, and Your Friend Brett - Sonia
• Circles Around the Sun, and Mikaela Davis - Brighton Music Hall
• Bricklayer, Balaclava, Tilden, and Orange Peel Mystic - Warehouse XI
• The Kooks, The Vaccines, and Daisy the Great - MGM Music Hall
• Delta Generators, and Barrence Whitfield - Boston Harbor Distillery
• Through it All, One Fall, and Nicoteens - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• Color Killer, and Dirty Walter - Koto, Salem, MA
• Opposition, Last Laugh, Comeuppance, and Exhibit - CC's, Weymouth [7PM]
• Bag, American Ethos, Motel Art, and Tides of Today - Barewolf Brewery, Amesbury [6PM]
Saturday, Mar. 9
• The Long Wait, Chrome Over Brass, Catching Hell, and Chumhuffer - Middle East Upstairs
• Fish Narc, Horse Head, and Zubin - Middle East Downstairs
• Advance Base, Young Moon, and Emily Reo - O'Briens
• Muck and the Mires, and Shaun Young - Midway Cafe [8PM]
• Aaron & the Lord, Tugboat Annie, and Vic Firecracker - Sonia
• The Janky Teeth, Gull Boy, and Wildfeuer - The Jungle
• Lake St. Daniel - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• Graduation Speech, Sadlands, Massive Nightmares, and Sam Johnson - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Weird Machine, Death Defier, Jiddo, and Fracture Type - Democracy Center, Harvard Sq. [7PM all ages]
• Bachman Turner Overdrive - Chevalier Theatre, Medford, MA
• Buffalo Tom - The Cut, Gloucester, MA
• Actor/Observer, Trash Rabbit, Loud Sounds, and Semaphore - Palladium, Worcester, MA
Sunday, Mar. 10
• Hulder, Devil Master, Worm, and Necrofier - Middle East Downstairs [6PM]
• Dogs Run Free, Crescent Ridge, Sunblock, and Return Address - O'Briens
• Stubborn Hearts, Dave Strong, Divorce Cake, and Vivra Vera - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Mitch Rowland, and Harris Harper - Sinclair
• Alkaline Trio, and Drug Church - House of Blues
• Rich Crowe Duo, and Humor the Madman - The Jungle
• Lara Jane Grace, Thelma & the Sleaze, and Dikembe - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
• Video Age, and Sean Nichols Savage - The Rockwell
Monday, Mar. 11
• Nervous, A Day Without Love, and Perpetual Juvenile - O'Briens
• Hands of Spite, Lobo Hombre, and Abel Blood - Silhouette Lounge
• Blazers Over Turtlenecks, Scove Cone, and Steve Loverme - The Jungle
Tuesday, Mar. 12
• Dresser, Starcleaner Reunion, and Husbands - O'Briens
• KMFDM, and Morlocks - Royale
• Palomino Blonde, Dream Today, Who I Am, and High Sobriety - The Jungle
Wednesday, Mar. 13
• The Scratch - Middle East Upstairs
• Mintfield, Estrella del Sol, The Dream Today, and No Nations - O'Briens
• Fully Celebrated Orchestra - Midway Cafe
• Feep, Orange Peel Mystic, and Rougarou - Silhouette Lounge
• Cherry Glazerr, and Ex Pilots - Sinclair
• The Drowns, and Michael Kane & the Morning Afters - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
Thursday, Mar. 14
• Kelsey Karter & the Heroines, Alexa Villa, and Emmi Jean - Middle East Upstairs
• Rottenness, Psycho, Burt Bacharach, and Horrible Earth - O'Briens
• Joahua Sweet, Dedpixels, and Captain Sunbeam - The Jungle
• Torn in Half, Open Kasket, Held Tight, and Zero Survive - Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA
• Gnarnia, Baabes, and Dogwalker - AS220, Providence, RI
Thursday, Mar. 14 - Friday, Mar. 15
• Between the Buried and Me, and The Acacia Strain - Paradise
Friday, Mar. 15
• Cloudbelly, Jake McKelvie, and Tiffy - O'Briens
• Late Night Idle, Mattias, Frog Salon, and The Sleds - The Jungle
• Buffalo Tom, Tanya Donnelly, and Fuzzy - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre ["Fort Nights" #1]
• Chelsea Wolfe, and Divide and Dissolve - Royale
• Peter Case, and Michael Tarbox - Boston Harbor Distillery
• The Shirts and Shoes, The Roscoes, and WLKRZ - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• The Dogmatics, and and screening of "The Dogmatics: A Dogumentary" - Regent Theater, Arlington
• Cherub Head, Dead Wait, Vivra Vera, and Clothesline - Koto, Salem, MA
Saturday, Mar. 16
• Ravagers, The Downhauls, and Loretta - O'Briens
• Matt Charette & the Truer Sound, The Roland High Life, Lobo Hombre, and Christian Marone - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Jerry's Got Jokes, High and Dry, The Martians, and Dear Marianne - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Billy Bragg, Tanya Donnelly & Bill Janowicz, Kristin Hersch, and more - Somerville Theatre ["Fort Nights" #2, 7:30]
• Johnnie & The Foodmasters, Electric Street Queens, and Jarsch - Lilypad [7PM]
• Frog, and Winkler - Warehouse XI
• Michael Schnabel, Vanessa Speckman, Little Low, and Matt Murphy - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Nice Guys, CS Cleaners, Adult Learners, and Sacred Heart Auto League - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• Wire Lines, The Long Wait, Major Stars, and Dwelly - DNB Craft Kitchen, New Bedford
• Junkyard, Casket Rats, and Diablogato - Koto (new 2nd location in Lowell)
• Jittery Jack, and The Soapbox Saints - Nick-a-Nee's, Providence
Sunday, Mar. 17
• Forever Gray - Middle East Upstairs
• Greg Rekus, Jeff Rowe, Keep Ons, and Tatooine Punk Scene - O'Briens
• Time n Place, Troll 2, and Highwater Haulers - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Singer Mali, and Rong - Sinclair
• Health, and Pixel Grip - Royale
• Bare Cove, and Strip Mall - The Jungle [5PM]
• Orangepeelmystic, Origin of Speech, Targus Targus, and Robbie Dean Rhodes - The Jungle [9PM]
• Sleater Kinney, and Black Belt Eagle Scout - Paradise [7PM]
• Big Bad Bollocks - City Winery
Monday, Mar. 18
• Follow Through, Working Poor, Fake Feelings, and Jobber - O'Briens
• Lonesome Joan, Ragu, Poster Colors, and Thom Griffin - Midway Cafe
• Supermarket Parking Lot, Pirisoners of Love, and Unruly - Silhouette Lounge
• Ministry, Gary Numan, and Front Line Assembly - Roadrunner
• Poison Ruin, Final Gasp Boiling Point, and more - Black Lace, Prov. [8PM]
Tuesday, Mar. 19
• Why Try, House Fires, and Class President - Silhouette Lounge
• The Wizard and the Wise, The Dead Flowers, and Skeleton Crew - The Jungle
• Post Sex Nachos, and Similar Kind - Rockwood Music Hall [7PM]
Wednesday, Mar. 20
• Graveyard of the Atlantic, Junior Classics, Gavriloprincip, and Feep - O'Briens
• Slapback, Michael Boezi, and Tom Springer Band - Midway Cafe
• Less Than Jake, Strung Out, and The Raging Nathans - Big Night Live [6:30PM]
• Chinese Telephones, Constant Insult, Cigarette Camp, and Blame It On Whitman - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Thursday, Mar. 21
• Gumbskab, Tilted, and more - Middle East Upstairs
• Valley Gals, Plant Fight, Deb Grapes, and Nurse Joy - O'Briens
• Otoboke Beaver, and Drinking Boys and Girls Choir - Royale
• The Yardbirds - Narrows Center, Fall River [8PM, BYOB]
Friday, Mar. 22
• Mourned, Face First, Stoneman, Bed of Razors, and Throw - Middle East Upstairs
• TFAGH, Lunar Ark, The Outlourdes, and Mollusk - O'Briens
• Gold Star Boulevard, On Regret, and Pet Cobra - The Jungle
• Between You and Me, Young Culture, Homesafe, and Cherie Amour - Brighton Music Hall
• Set It Off, Crown the Empire, and Caskets - Big Night Live
• Loving, and Fog Lake - Center for the Arts at the Armory
• PWRUP, Do It with Malice, and Pink Slip - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Consumer, Tysk Tysk Task, Vivid Bloom, and Little Fuss - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• Metal Church - Vault Music Hall, New Bedford, MA
• The Fake Boys - Koto, Lowell location
• Edict, Blood Tithe, and Hate Still Burns - AS220, Providence, RI
Saturday, Mar. 23
• Hyber, Cape Crush, Hey I'm Outside, and Good June - O'Briens
• The Mike Weidenfeller Quartet, Road Soldier, and Larseny - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• The Lesser Birds, The Birdbrains, Marilyn's Bazaar, and Grandfield - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Wrath of the Selkie, Your Friends in Hell, Thou Merciless Graves, Coffin Salesman, and Squalie Greenthumb - The Rockwell
• Junius, Mission to Sleep, and Juniper Youth - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Sundrifter, Swamphead, and Cortez - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• High Command, Enforced, Lifeless Dark, and Xard - Windowmaker Brewery, Braintree
Sunday, Mar. 24
• Teen Mortgage, Death Lens, and Zip-Tie Handcuffs - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• Dizeaze, Fish Face, Wasp Mother, and Phagocyte - Middle East Upstairs
• Prisoners of Love, Howe We Burn, Jamie & the Guarded Heart, and Freefall - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Elephant Stone, and Evolfo - The Rockwell
• Blood Tithe, Edict, Climb, and Gumskab - Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA
Sunday, Mar. 24 - Monday, Mar. 25
• Magnetic Fields - Roadrunner
Monday, Mar. 25
• Hunting Accident, and Will DePiano - Midway Cafe
• Unwound, and The Cherubs - Paradise
Tuesday, Mar. 26
• Stay at Home Dads, Oddie, and Miss Karma - O'Briens
• Teenage Dads, and Dreamfone - Sonia
• Dreamwell, Horsewhip, Riverbed, and Razed - AS220, Providence, RI
Wednesday, Mar. 27
• Koyo, One Step Closer, Anxious, and Stateside - Sinclair all ages [6:30PM]
Thursday, Mar. 28
• The Orwells, and Ancient Spaceship - Middle East Upstairs
• Native Sun, and Thus Love - O'Briens
• Tomato Flower, Baby Baby, Explores, and Walk Me Home - The Rockwell
Friday, Mar. 29
• Kate Clover, and Brad Marino - Middle East Upstairs
• Girlschool, Lillian Axe, and Alcatrazz - Paradise
• Grouplove, and Bully - Roadrunner
• Torn in Half, Cognitive, Bacterial Husk, and Cooked Alive - Koto, Salem, MA
Saturday, Mar. 30
• Club 9 Ball, Stone Noble, and Fools Agenda - Middle East Upstairs
• Tyr, Trollfest, Aether Realm, and The Dead Crew of Oddwood - Middle East Downstairs
• Live Band Karaoke - O'Briens
• Scam Likely, and Brick of Boston - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Renesans, Nailed Shut, and No Eye Has Seen - Brighton Music Hall
• The Cavedogs - The Burren [7PM]
• Lincoln Durham - The Rockwell
• Girth Control, and Bad Idea USA - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Ex-Hyena, The Shallows, and CMD - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• Blasphemous Obituary, Cannabis Crypt, Altar Ov Nex, and Rose Lane - Koto, Salem, MA
• Cold Case, Gumskab, and more - The LC Amesbury
Sunday, Mar. 31
• Early Moods, and Morbiken - Middle East Upstairs all ages
• The Rural Alberta Advantage, and Juliana Riolino - Sonia
• Winona Fighter - The Rockwell
Monday, Apr. 1
• Adam Ant - The Wilbur [8PM]
Tuesday, Apr. 2
• Adam Ant - Tupelo Music Hall, Derry, NH
Wednesday, Apr. 3
• The Koffin Kats, and The Queers - Sonia
• Smirk, and Gossip Collar - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
Thursday, Apr. 4
• Darkest Hour, I AM, Filth Is Eternal, and Somnuri - Sonia [6:30PM]
Friday, Apr. 5
• Vio-lence, Exhorder, Deceased, and Mortal Wound - Middle East Downstairs [7PM]
• Twin Tribes, Urban Heat, and Dancing Plague - Sonia
• Richard Thompson - The Cut, Gloucester, MA
Saturday, Apr. 6
• Hail the Sun, Intervals, Body Thief, and Makari - Paradise
• Shelter, Civ, Colin of Arabia, and more - The Met, Pawtucket, RI [7:30]
Monday, Apr. 8
• 69 Eyes, The Bites, and Budderside - Brighton Music Hall [6:30PM]
Tuesday, Apr. 9
• Moron's Morons, Adult Learners, G. Gordon Gritty, and Andy California - O'Briens
• The Obsessed, Howling Giant, and Gozu - Sonia
Wednesday, Apr. 10
• Re-tros, and Liars - Big Night Live
• Guided by Voices, Cul de Sac, Kids, and Blatant Doom Trip - Warehouse XI, Somerville
Friday, Apr. 12
• Mini Beast, Major Stars, Rope Trick, and The Endorphins - The Rockwell
• The Long Wait, Spiller, TJ Wlech & the Wasted, and COB - Koto, Salem, MA
Saturday, Apr. 13
• Children of The Flaming Wheel, Electric Street Queens, Orange Whip, and Christian Kids - Midway Cafe
Sunday, Apr. 14
• The Dwarves, The Raging Nathans, and The FU's - Middle East Upstairs
Thursday, Apr. 18
• Kublai Kai, Sunami, Judiciary, and Momentum - Paradise [6:30PM SOLD OUT]
• Delatar, Destruct, Ancient Filth, Innocent, and The Massacred - Middle East Upstairs
Friday, Apr. 19
• Drop Nineteens - Paradise [7PM]
• Bodega - The Rockwell
Sunday, Apr. 21
• We Are The Union, Half Past Two, and Devon Kay & The Solutions - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre [7PM]
Wednesday, Apr. 24
• World Peace, The Body, Blame God, Peace Test, E, and Chained To The Bottom - Sonia
• Michael Hurley, and Stella Kola - The Rockwell
• Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, The Defiant, and Ultrabomb - Big Night Live
Thursday, Apr. 25
• Judas Priest, and Sabaton - MGM Music Hall
• Wine Lips, and Bad Nerves - Center for the Arts at the Armory
Saturday, Apr. 27
• Belle & Sebastian - Orpheum [8PM]
• Cran, Battery March, Hammered Saint, Rejekts, and The Minor Inconveniences - Cambridge Community Center all ages [6PM]
Sunday, Apr. 28
• Black Crowes - MGM Music Hall [8PM]
Monday, Apr. 29
• Decapitated, Septic Flesh, Kataklysm, and Allegaeon - Brighton Music Hall [5:30PM]
Wednesday, May. 1
• Ty Segall - Royale
• Stiff Little Fingers, and Ricky Warwick - Paradise
Thursday, May. 2
• The Decemberists - Roadrunner
Saturday, May. 4
• Spy, Combust, Destiny Bomb, Climb, and Impulse Control - Middle East Upstairs [5PM]
Sunday, May. 5
• The Chisel, Home Front, Conservative Military Image, Climb, and Haywire - Middle East Downstairs
• Saxon, and Uriah Heep - House of Blues [6PM]
Monday, May. 6
• Architects - House of Blues
• Orchid - Royale [SOLD OUT]
Tuesday, May. 7
• Bad Religion, and Social Distortion - MGM Music Hall [7PM]
Wednesday, May. 8
• Modern Life is War - Center for the Arts at the Armory
Friday, May. 10
• Hot Water Music, Quicksand, and Off With Their Heads - Royale
Saturday, May. 11
• Jesus Piece, Sanguisugabogg, Peeling Flesh, and Gag - Paradise [6PM]
• Ride - Big Night Live
Sunday, May. 12
• Sunny Day Real Estate - Big Night Live
Tuesday, May. 14
• Swans - Paradise [6PM]
Thursday, May. 16
• Lords of Acid - Brighton Music Hall [6:30PM]
• Helmet, and Cro-Mags - Middle East Downstairs
• Dead Boys, Nervous Eaters, and Plimsouls - Sonia [7PM]
Monday, May. 20
• Echo and The Bunnymen - House of Blues [7PM]
Thursday, May. 23
• Fleshwater, Modern Color, and 9 Million - Sonia [7:30PM SOLD OUT]
• Spectral Voice - Middle East Upstairs [7PM]
Tuesday, May. 28
• Kathleen Hanna (Rebel Girl Book Tour) - The Wilbur [7:30PM]
Wednesday, May. 29
• Madness - MGM Music Hall [8PM]
• The Damned, and The Dictators - Big Night Live
• The Alarm, Gene Loves Jezebel, and Belouis Some - Brighton Music Hall [7PM]
Thursday, May. 30
• Camera Obscura - Paradise
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