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The WMBR Rock/Pop/Punk Concert Report

Tuesday, Apr. 16
• Michael Seyer, Sundiver CA, and Tory Silver - Middle East Upstairs
• Divey & the Likes, Moon Room, Little Pond, and Mattias - O'Briens
• Mortuous, Cemetery Filth, Mourned, and Frog Mallet - Sonia
• Bloodshot Bill - State Park [7PM]
• Mall Cops, Invisible Rays, Ludittes, and Modern Faces - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway
Wednesday, Apr. 17
• Balkun Brothers, Bone Church, and Righteous Continental - Middle East Upstairs
• Metz, Gouge Away, and Mulva - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
• Earthless, Minami Deutsch, and Astral Bitch - Center for the Arts at the Armory all ages [7PM]
• Sonic Boom Six, PWRUP, and Hell Beach - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
Thursday, Apr. 18
• Deletär, Destruct, Ancient Filth, Innocent, and The Massacred - Middle East Upstairs
• CWAF, Zero Survive, Impulse Control, and Horrible Earth - O'Briens
• Kublai Kai, Sunami, Judiciary, and Momentum - Paradise [6:30PM SOLD OUT]
• Lovelytheband, and Luke Wild - Brighton Music Hall
• Cypress Hill, and The Pharcyde - Roadrunner
• Allah Las, Sam Blasucci, and Maston - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
Friday, Apr. 19
• Elliot Moss, and Halima - Middle East Upstairs
• The Sonce, Coma Hole, NorthStar the Wanderer, and Dust Prophet - O'Briens
• Quattracenta, Thalia Zedak, and Rip Room - Midway Cafe
• Rumble semi finals - Sonia
• Drop Nineteens, and Greg Mendez - Paradise [7PM]
• Bodega - The Rockwell
• The Experiment, The Chops, and Round Trip - The Jungle
• Restorations, Signals Midwest, and MK Naomi - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• Science Man, Crimps, Wanted, and Special Patrol Unit - Front St. Coffee, Salem [7:30]
• Mourned, Edict, Alley Trash, and Riverbed - New World Tavern [8:30]
• Stephen Brodsky, and Adam McGrath - Barewolf Brewing, Amesbury [6:30]
• Ruby the Hatchet, Summoner, Kind, Mother Iron Horse, and Mast - Widowmaker Brewery, Braintree [4:20PM]
Saturday, Apr. 20
• Forrester - Middle East Upstairs
• Doc Hopper, Shades Apart, Matt Charette & the Truer Sound, and The Keeper Class - O'Briens
• Downhauls, Tim McCoy Rock Quartet, The Steamies, and Jay Allen & The Archcriminals - Midway Cafe [3PM]
• Rumble semi finals - Sonia
• Cherry Fog, and Pyramid Scheme - The Jungle [4PM]
• Electric Aces, Spectacle, How We Burn, and Evelynroze & the Thornz - The Jungle
• Mach Bell, The Cynz, Muck & the Mires, and The Hi-End - Square Root
• Townies, Sunday Morning, and Louzy - Cantab
• Long Wait, Sonic Bomb, and TJ Welch & The Wasted - Thirsty First (Lowell)
• Jungle Juice presents: Lux Lives, The Evil Streaks, The Voodoo, and Thru The Keyhole Burlesque - Cinema Salem
• WORM, Dirty Water & the Smelltones, Pint Killers, and Mitch Kramer - Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA
• The FU's, Cuidado, The Modern Faces, and Couch Sex - Gerry 5 VFA, Mablehead 18+ [7PM]
• WORM, Pint Killers, and more - The C-Note, Hull [8PM]
• Nervous Eaters, and Robin Lane - Narrows Center, Fall River [8PM]
• Acid Witch, Leather Lung, Graveside Grin, and Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean - Widowmaker Brewery, Braintree [4:20PM]
Sunday, Apr. 21
• Flight Attendant, and Kerin Connolly - Middle East Upstairs
• Darling, Dropbear, This Body is All I have in This World, and Trader - O'Briens
• Dave Charles, Bird Mancini, The Beige, and Bob Uvello - Midway Cafe [3PM]
• The Carrot Flowers, and Campbell Fackre - The Jungle [5PM]
• DÄAd, Night Visions, and The Innsmouth Look - The Jungle [9PM]
• We Are The Union, Half Past Two, and Devon Kay & The Solutions - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre [7PM]
• BbyMutha - Center for the Arts at the Armory [11PM]
• Wristmeetrazor, The Requieum, Silenus, Husk, and I Have No Mouth - Rockwood Music Hall 18+ [6PM]
• Ripped to Shreds, Nucleus, Mourned, and Violent Majority - Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA
• Stephen Broady & Adam McCrath, and screening of Even Hell Has Its Heroes - Widowmaker Brewery, Braintree [2PM]
Monday, Apr. 22
• Friendly Spectres, Nurse Joy, Gossip Collar, and OrangePeelMystic - O'Briens
• LoboHombre, TV Moms, Hands of Spite, and Declaw - Midway Cafe
• Hopeless Otis, Bad Idea USA, KCUF, and Latch - Silhouette Lounge
• The Better End, and The 890s - The Jungle
Tuesday, Apr. 23
• Aaron Lee Tasjan, and Molly Martin - Middle East Upstairs
• Fastball - Middle East Downstairs
• Blame It on Whitman, In the Meantime, Pissed, and Knockover City - O'Briens
• Score Cone, Galaxy Cake, and Blazers Over Turtlenecks - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway
• Vial, and Boy Jr. - The Rockwell [7:30PM]
• Falsely Accused, Signed Rosie, and Renegade Cartel - The Jungle
• Rose Garden Funeral Party, Delores Galore, and DJ JPEG - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
Wednesday, Apr. 24
• Eric Slick, and Ciarra Fragale - Middle East Upstairs
• Mother Fungus, Bomb Pack Van, 40 Lashes, and Dedpixles - O'Briens
• World Peace, The Body, Blame God, Peace Test, E, and Chained To The Bottom - Sonia
• Housefires, Why Try?, and Sorry Ma - Silhouette Lounge
• Michael Hurley, and Stella Kola - The Rockwell
• Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, The Defiant, and Ultrabomb - Big Night Live
Thursday, Apr. 25
• Rick Shaw Billie's Burger Patrol - Middle East Upstairs
• Bridget Nault, and Kiieran Ridge - O'Briens
• Vision Video, and Then Comes Silence - Sonia
• Judas Priest, and Sabaton - MGM Music Hall
• Wine Lips, and Bad Nerves - Center for the Arts at the Armory
Thursday, Apr. 25 - Saturday, Apr. 27
• Dave Haus & the Mermaid - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Friday, Apr. 26
• Lion's Law, Nothing But Enemies, Young Ones, Neuroot, and Bad Terms - Middle East Upstairs all ages [7PM]
• Study in Scarlet, Hand of the Tribe, He Was a God, and Scarecrow Hill - O'Briens
• Lions and Lavender, Bomb Pack, Vices, and Four - The Jungle
• Oneida, There, and Le Feeling - AS220, Providence, RI
• Uli Jon Roth - Tupelo Music Hall, Derry, NH [8PM]
Friday, Apr. 26 - Saturday, Apr. 27
• Robyn Hitchcock, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, & many more, and https://www.thetownandthecityfestival.com - Lowell Town & City Festival, Lowell, MA
Saturday, Apr. 27
• Chris Cresswell, and Maxwell Stern - Middle East Upstairs
• Kal Marks, Grocer, Bedroom Eyes, and Main Era - O'Briens
• The Cranktones - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Dark Crushes - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Crooked Coast, Trash Rabbit, and Bowling Shoes - Brighton Music Hall
• Molly Maguires, Tom Springer Band, and Mad Painter - The Jungle [4PM]
• On Regret, The Grommets, Past Live Crisis, and Bobby Oaks - The Jungle [8PM]
• Belle & Sebastian, and Weather Station - Orpheum [8PM]
• Kamelot, and Sevenspires - Big Night Live
• Cran, Battery March, Hammered Saint, Rejekts, and The Minor Inconveniences - Cambridge Community Center all ages [6PM]
• Queensryche, and Armored Saint - Palladium, Worcester, MA [7PM]
• Black Pyramid, Sun Years, and Tears from a Grieving Heart - Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA
Sunday, Apr. 28
• Early Day Miners, Lupa Citta, and The Burning Paris - O'Briens
• Carrtoons, and Datsunn - Middle East Upstairs
• Supermarket Parking Lot, Warmachine, Little Plastic Dinosaurs, and Perennial - State Park
• Black Crowes - MGM Music Hall [8PM]
• Hassle Art Market, Minibeast, and Goon Platoon - Cambridge Community Center [12:30-3:30, free]
• 10,000 Maniacs - City Winery
• Ash, and Felukah - Sinclair
• The Carolyln, Eaten by Snakes, Saint Throwaway, and Hedge - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• The Delta Bombers, IV and the Strange Band, and Diablogato - Askew, Providence, RI
Monday, Apr. 29
• Dada, Berm, and Nicky Panic - Midway Cafe
• Decapitated, Septic Flesh, Kataklysm, and Allegaeon - Brighton Music Hall [5:30PM]
• Cosmic Triumph, Jason Oberstein, and Three Weeks Notice - The Jungle
Tuesday, Apr. 30
• Johnny Manchild & the Poor Bastards - O'Briens
• State Parque, Doom Room, The Curlies, and Riffindots - Midway Cafe
• Teenage Fanclub - Paradise
• Adult Learners, Perfectly Lethal, and Over Ends - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway
• Geneva, and Cheese Pile - The Jungle
• EXTC (Terry Chambers of XTC) - City Winery
• Sum 41, The Interrupters, Joey Lalence, and Brae - MGM Music Hall
Wednesday, May. 1
• Brontez Purnell, Julia Pearce, and Hammered Saint - O'Briens
• Fling, Tina and her Pony, Aaron Bear, and Korina Zambrano - Midway Cafe
• Ty Segall - Royale
• Stiff Little Fingers, and Ricky Warwick - Paradise
Thursday, May. 2
• Chastity, and Oh the Humanity - O'Briens
• The Decemberists, and Ratboys - Roadrunner
• Dog Hotel, Keep Flying, and Warrens - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Circus of Power, Casket Rats, and Blood Lightning - Koto (Salem)
• The Jayhawks - Cabot Theater, Beverly, MA
• Broken Vow, Risk, and more - New Cafe, Pawtucket 21+ [8PM]
Friday, May. 3
• Loolowningen, Pew Pew, Paper Lady, and Woid Bear - O'Briens
• The I Want You, and Crow Follow - Midway Cafe [10PM]
• Iron Roses, and The Lowest of The Low - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA [7PM]
• Ra Ra Riot - Royale
Saturday, May. 4
• Spy, Combust, Destiny Bomb, Climb, and Impulse Control - Middle East Upstairs [5PM]
• Slothrust, and Weakened Friends - Sinclair
• Mixed Generations, Cheer Camp, Gia Greene, and Ed Mullen - The Jungle
• The Lights Out, Sidewalk Driver, and Brian K & the Parkway - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Sunday, May. 5
• The Chisel, Home Front, Conservative Military Image, Climb, and Haywire - Middle East Downstairs
• Pleasure Pill, and Dejima - O'Briens
• Martin/Morrell/Fredette, False Positives, and The Haymakers - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• All Good Trio - The Jungle
• Saxon, and Uriah Heep - House of Blues [6PM]
• Sheer Mag, and Pile - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
Monday, May. 6
• Architects - House of Blues
• Orchid, Dropdead, and more - Royale [SOLD OUT]
• Hawthorne Heights - City Winery
• Cloud Nothings, and Hurry - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
• Todd Rundgren - The Strand, Providence, RI
Tuesday, May. 7
• Bad Religion, and Social Distortion - MGM Music Hall [7PM]
Wednesday, May. 8
• Wheel, and Aviations - Brighton Music Hall
• Modern Life is War, Jaye Jayle, and Ammo - Center for the Arts at the Armory [7PM]
• Chastity Belt, and Charlotte Cornfield - Sinclair
• Crossing I's Dotting T's, Good Sleepy, and Good June - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Trace Mountains, and Shannen Moser - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA
• Martin Barre - City Winery
• Black Veil Brides, Dark Devine, Ghostkid, and Creeper - House of Blues [6PM]
• Sweet Pill, Equipment, and Taking Meds - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
• Buddy Guy - Chevalier Theatre, Medford, MA
• Todd Rundgren - The Wilbur [8PM]
Thursday, May. 9
• JER x Zeta, Cheem, and Rusty Mullet - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre [7:30PM]
• Cheekface, and Yungatita - Brighton Music Hall
• Domaine, Risk, Burning Lord, and more - Canadian American Club, Watertown [7PM]
• Big Brute, Cape Crush, and Luddites - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Battle Beast, and Blackbriar - Palladium, Worcester, MA [7PM]
• Nazareth, and Red Reign - Tupelo Music Hall, Derry, NH
Friday, May. 10
• Big D and The Kids Table, Kill Lincoln, and Call Me Malcom - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre [7PM]
• Chicano Batman - Paradise
• Svdden Death - Big Night Live
• Hot Water Music, Quicksand, and Off With Their Heads - Royale
Saturday, May. 11
• Jesus Piece, Sanguisugabogg, Peeling Flesh, and Gag - Paradise [6PM]
• Ride, and Knifeplay - Big Night Live [6PM]
• Hallelujah The Hills, Colleen Green, and Mall Cops - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA [7PM]
• Rickie Lee Jones - City Winery
Sunday, May. 12
• Sunny Day Real Estate - Big Night Live
• Alpha Wolf, Emmure, Unity TX, and Chamber - Paradise
• Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Royale
Monday, May. 13
• High on Fire, and Zeta - Middle East Downstairs
Monday, May. 13 - Tuesday, May. 14
• Mannequin Pussy, and Soul Glo - Sinclair
Tuesday, May. 14
• Swans, and Kristolf Hahn - Paradise [6PM]
Thursday, May. 16
• Lords of Acid - Brighton Music Hall [6:30PM]
• Helmet, and Cro-Mags - Middle East Downstairs
• Dead Boys, Nervous Eaters, and Plimsouls - Sonia [7PM]
• Kimaya Diggs, The Far Out, and Hill House - Rockwood Music Hall
• VIP experience w/ Lenny Kaye discussing his book, Nuggets, etc - The Cut, Gloucester, MA [7PM]
• Diana Ross - Boch Center/Wang Theatre [7:30PM]
• Fishbone's Angelo, Neutral Nation, and Rude Boys - The Met, Pawtucket, RI
Thursday, May. 16 - Saturday, May. 18
• Jukebox the Ghost - Sinclair
Friday, May. 17
• Soen, and Trope - Brighton Music Hall
• Lenny Kaye & Friends 50th anniv of Nuggets - The Cut, Gloucester, MA
• Neil Young Crazyhorse - Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA
• Worshipper, Sundrifter, and Earthlore - Koto, Salem, MA
Saturday, May. 18
• Orgy, and Cold - Brighton Music Hall
• Joan Jett Night - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Spread Eagle, and All Sinners - Koto (Lowell) [7:30PM]
Sunday, May. 19
• Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - The Wilbur
Monday, May. 20
• Echo and The Bunnymen - House of Blues [7PM]
Tuesday, May. 21
• Incantation, Ringworm, and Ascended Dead - Sonia
Wednesday, May. 22
• Bodysnatcher, Spite, Thrown, and Knosis - Paradise
• BoDeans, and Chris Trapper - City Winery [7:30PM]
Thursday, May. 23
• Fleshwater, Modern Color, and 9 Million - Sonia [7:30PM SOLD OUT]
• Spectral Voice - Middle East Upstairs [7PM]
Friday, May. 24
• SiM, Fame on Fire, and Within Destruction - Paradise
• Drain, Terror, Scowl, and more - Royale
• Rufus Wainwright - City Winery [6:30PM/9:30PM]
• The Amity Affliction, Currents, and Dying Wish - House of Blues
Saturday, May. 25
• Weekend Nachos, Vermin Womb, Sissy Spacekk, and Backsider - Sonia
Sunday, May. 26
• Heavy Hex, Spite House, and The Promised End - Bridge 9 Records, Beverly [7PM]
Tuesday, May. 28
• Kathleen Hanna (Rebel Girl Book Tour) - The Wilbur [7:30PM]
Wednesday, May. 29
• Madness - MGM Music Hall [8PM]
• The Damned, and The Dictators - Big Night Live
• Symphony X, and Heathen - Paradise
• The Alarm, Gene Loves Jezebel, and Belouis Some - Brighton Music Hall [7PM]
Thursday, May. 30
• Camera Obscura, and Photo Ops - Paradise
Friday, May. 31
• Smash Into Pieces, and Versus Me - Brighton Music Hall
Saturday, Jun. 1
• Knocked Loose, Loathe, Show Me The Body, and Speed - Roadrunner [6PM]
• The Miles, Between, Riverbed, and more - Vault Music Hall, New Bedford, MA
• Spiller, The Black Cheers, The Wynotts, and Fur Coat Judy - New World Tavern, Plymouth
Tuesday, Jun. 4
• Subhumans, and FEA - Middle East Downstairs [6PM]
• Joe Jackson - The Wilbur
Wednesday, Jun. 5
• Of Montreal - Sinclair
Thursday, Jun. 6
• Reverend Horton Heat, and Surfrajettes - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
Friday, Jun. 7
• Hope Conspiracy, Umbra Vitae, COW, and New Lows - Middle East Downstairs [6:30PM SOLD OUT]
• Stryper - Tupelo Music Hall, Derry, NH
Saturday, Jun. 8
• Hank Williams Jr. - Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA [7PM]
Sunday, Jun. 9
• Siege, Cointinued Without a Finding, and Impulse Control - Cubist Circle, Weymouth [6ON]
Monday, Jun. 10
• Bleachers - MGM Music Hall [7:30PM]
Saturday, Jun. 15
• Anti-Heros, The Antagonizers, and Klaxon - Sonia [7PM]
• Unearth, Bleeding Through, Overcast, Fuming Mouth, and All Out War - Big Night Live [3PM]
Sunday, Jun. 16
• Pixies, Modest Mouse, and Cat Power - Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA [6:30PM]
Wednesday, Jun. 19
• Future Islands - Roadrunner
Thursday, Jun. 20
• Dada - City Winery [7:30PM]
Friday, Jun. 21
• Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - City Winery [7:30PM]
• Cosmic Psychos, and Nine Pound Hammer - Brighton Music Hall
Saturday, Jun. 22
• Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, and Ekko Astral - Paradise [8PM]
• Guided By Voices - Royale [7PM]
Sunday, Jun. 23
• Bridge City Sinners - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre [8PM]
• The Mavericks - Cabot Theater, Beverly, MA [7PM]
Wednesday, Jun. 26
• W.I.T.C.H., and Rahill - Brighton Music Hall all ages [7PM]
• Lloyd Cole - City Winery
• Blue Oyster Cult - Lynn Auditorium, Lynn, MA [8PM]
Saturday, Jun. 29
• Tree - Paradise [6PM]
• Blackmore's Night, and The Wizard's Consort - Berklee Performance Center [6:30PM]
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