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The WMBR Rock/Pop/Punk Concert Report

Saturday, Dec. 4
• Black Tusk, Restless Spirit, Rid of Me, and Il Mostro - Middle East Upstairs
• The Imposers, Witches Tears, Jerry's Got Jokes, and Blame it on Whitman - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Fancy Trash, Opan Canyon, Matt Hebert, and Grown Up Noise - Midway Cafe
• Palehound, Cliffnotez, and Squitch - Sinclair
• Hunter, Melt, Faith, and Gingerbex - Club Bohemia
• Stormbringer - Pete's Grill, Quincy
Sunday, Dec. 5
• Man on Man - Middle East Upstairs
• Lenny Lashley's Gang of One, Jesse Ahearn, and Wicked Whiskey - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• The Scrooges, and My Dick - O'Briens
• Cave In, and Lesser Glow - Sinclair 18+ [7PM]
Monday, Dec. 6
• Jaye Jail, and Roadhouse - Middle East Upstairs
• Honey Creek, Planet Mercury, Sun Bear, and High Beam - O'Briens
• Minx, The Savtones, and The Melted Chapstix - Midway Cafe
• Destroy Boys, Jigsaw Youth, and The Umbrellas - Brighton Music Hall all ages [6:30]
• Hiss Golden Messenger, and Rosali - Fete Music Hall, Providence, RI all ages [8PM]
Tuesday, Dec. 7
• Show Me the Body, Candy, and Trauma Kit - Middle East Downstairs
• Heart to Gold, Park National, and 5ever - O'Briens
• Frozen Soul, Sanguisuabogg, Vomit Forth, and Innoculation - Sonia
• Preoccupations, and Metz - Brighton Music Hall
• The Wonder Years, Pronoun, Future Teens, and Proper - Fete Music Hall, Providence, RI all ages [7PM]
Wednesday, Dec. 8
• Stick to Your Guns, Stray from the Path, Stand Still, and Only Sibling - Middle East Downstairs
• Preoccupations - Brighton Music Hall
• Advance Base, Moon Racer, and Kathy Snax - O'Briens
• All Them Witches - Paradise [7PM]
• Bowling Shoes, Similar Kind, and Mint Green - ONCE at the Rockwell all ages [8PM]
Thursday, Dec. 9
• Dead Eyes, and Downswing - Middle East Upstairs
• North by North, Kid Gulliver, Motel Black, and Lily Black - O'Briens
Friday, Dec. 10
• Baroness - Middle East Upstairs
• Live Skull, and Thalia Zedek Band - Midway Cafe [10PM]
• HiFi, Scare City, Rusty Mullet, and Exist 18 - O'Briens
• Dyr Faser, Tequila Sirens, and Your 33 Black Angels - Lilypad [7PM]
• SkyTigers, North by North, and Heavy Necker - Koto, Salem, MA
• The Downhauls, and Oh the Humanity - Opus, Salem, MA
Saturday, Dec. 11
• The Hi-End, Tim McCoy's Rock Quartet, and Freeloader - Middle East Upstairs [1PM]
• Chris Pureka, and Anna Tivel - Middle East Upstairs [9PM]
• Bound, Head in Hand, and The Rupert Selection - O'Briens
• The Welch Boys, Loser's Circle, Michael Kane & the Morning Afters, and Grip Bite - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Charmed & Strange, Linnea's Garden, Sapling, and Pitstain - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Johnny & the Foodmasters - Club Bohemia
• Motel Black, Little Billy Lost, and Gretchen Shae - Koto, Salem, MA
Sunday, Dec. 12
• 90's Kids, and Betcha - Middle East Upstairs
• Stop Calling Me Frank, Baabes, Kermit's Finger, and The Grommets - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Martyrs, LMI, Crow Feeder, and Ghost Planet - O'Briens
• Skullcrusher - Brighton Music Hall
Monday, Dec. 13
• Exit 18, Garden Party, and Skylar Symone - Midway Cafe
Wednesday, Dec. 15
• Eyehategod, IV & the Strange Band, and Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean - Middle East Downstairs
• Super 170, These Hands are Made of Spite, and Aquatic Voyage - Midway Cafe
• Salem Wolves, Evan Grier, and Glacier - ONCE at Somerville Theater [7PM]
Thursday, Dec. 16
• Unleash the Archers, Aether Realm, and Steven Kingdoms - Middle East Downstairs
• Intervals, Thank You Scientist, Cryptodira, and Satyr - Brighton Music Hall all ages [7PM]
Friday, Dec. 17
• Lez Zeppelin - Middle East Downstairs
• The Chelsea Curve, and Gene Dante & the Future Starlets - Jungle
• Lagwagon - Big Night Live all ages [7PM]
• GA-20, The National Reserve, and Tyler James Kelly - Brighton Music Hall 18+ [8PM]
• Streetlight Manifesto, Thick, and Catbite - House of Blues all ages [7PM]
• Dzo-Nga, Ageotan, and Lesotho - Koto, Salem, MA
Saturday, Dec. 18
• Martin/Morell/Fredette, Crow Follow, and Girl with a Hawk - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Roots Rock Rebels, Binge Magick, Rick Berlin, and The Chops - Midway Cafe
• Roswell Kid, MacSeal, Walter Mitty, and Nervous Dater - Brighton Music Hall all ages [7PM]
• The Chelsea Curve, and Muck & the Mires - Jungle
• Shadows Fall, and Unearth - Palladium, Worcester, MA
Sunday, Dec. 19
• Dark Crushes, and Twice a Day Ray - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• The Slackers, and The Aggrolites - Sinclair 18+ [7PM]
• Michigan Rattlers - Brighton Music Hall 18+ [8PM]
Monday, Dec. 20
• Camelopard, Rawstrum, Zygote Theory, and Headlights - Jungle
Tuesday, Dec. 21
• Misfits of Ugly Hollywood, Bear Ley, Don Rico, and Guy Ferrari - O'Briens
• Piebald, Nathan Gray, and Dog Hotel - Sinclair 18+ [7:30]
Wednesday, Dec. 22
• Black Beach, Cronies, Betties, and Anxious Wave - O'Briens
Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022
• Guided by Voices - Royale 18+ [6PM]
Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022
• Cat Power - Paradise
Friday, Jan. 21, 2022
• Fucked Up, and Empath - Sinclair 18+ [8PM]
Saturday, Jan. 22, 2022
• Razors in the Night, Tijuana Sweetheart, and SkyTigers - Sonia
• The Smithereens, and Marshall Crenshaw - Center for the Arts, Natick [8PM]
Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022
• The Beths - Sinclair all ages [7PM]
Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022
• The Black Angels - Paradise
Monday, May. 2, 2022
• Hoodoo Gurus - Royale [rescheduled (again!( from 9/30/21)]
Monday, Sep. 19, 2022
• OVV - Sonia all ages
Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2022
• Pet Shop Boys, and New Order - The Pavilion all ages [rescheduled (from 9/20/21)]
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