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The WMBR Rock/Pop/Punk Concert Report

Tuesday, Mar. 28
• Academy Order, Mirrored Hell, Invisible Rays, and Barchord Betty - O'Briens
• The Residents - Sinclair
Wednesday, Mar. 29
• Mallcops, Stateside, Montclair, and Jockey - O'Briens
• Ghost Guard, Papercage, On Regret, and Andy & the Night Stands - Midway Cafe
• Circa Waves, and The Ramona Flowers - Sinclair 18+ [7pm]
• Lunar Ark, Still Life Sounds, and Northstar the Wanderer - ONCE at the Rockwell
Thursday, Mar. 30
• The Criticals, Groundlift, and Savoia - Middle East Upstairs
• Vader, Krisiun, and Decrepit Birth - Middle East Downstairs
• Mark Twang, Blush Cameron, Lake Saint Daniel, and Never Better Baby - O'Briens
• Modern Day Idols, and Powderhouse - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway [7PM, free]
• Scott & Co. - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Friday, Mar. 31
• Llamando a Julia, Battery March, Sick Minds, and Throw - O'Briens
• The Church - Sinclair
• PIgs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, and Richard Dawson - Middle East Upstairs [sold out]
• Earth Crisis, One King Down, American War Machine, and Face First - Sonia [sold out]
• Melted Chapstix, The Off Ramps, Beerbones, and Orbiter - Jungle
• Jukebox the Ghost - Royale 18+ [6pm]
• ExTC w/ Terry Chambers - City Winery
• Slamwish, Boarzoy, and Esoteric Gore - Diversity, JP [7PM]
Saturday, Apr. 1
• Anvil, and Midnight Hellion - Middle East Upstairs
• Buck Gooter, Miracle Blood, Minibeast, and Dwelley - O'Briens
• The Chops, David Rubin Band, and Hilltop - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Low Lives, and Lean Meats - Jungle
• Diablogato, Coffin Salesmen, and Casket Rats - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Children of the Flaming Wheel, Oof, and Germ House - Fields West, Allston
• The Dogmatics, Jay Allen & the Arch Criminals, The Shang-Hi Los, and more - French American Club, Waltham [Jay Allen's 60th, 6PM]
• The Acacia Strain, Fit for an Autopsy, Full of Hell, and Primitive Man - Palladium, Worcester, MA
Sunday, Apr. 2
• Goldpine, Sean Maguire, and Kai Wilson - Middle East Upstairs
• Unto, Chair Umpire, Meltdown Committee, and Ian Ridenhour - O'Briens
• Martin/Morrel/Fredette, Bissel Blues Company, and Nikki & the Barn Boys - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Daisy, and Rootbeer Heaven - Jungle
• Robyn Hitchcock, and Kelly Stolz - City Winery
• High Vis, C4, and Burning Lord - Central Square Elks Lodge
• Labrador, Gold Dust, and Sue Bell - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Monday, Apr. 3
• Molder, Obscene, Morgued, and Wretched Inferno - Middle East Upstairs
• Bass Drum of Death, and Dead Tooth - Brighton Music Hall
• Tennis - House of Blues
• The New Noise, This Body is All I have in this World, Edward Glen, and Average Joey - Silhouette Lounge, Allston
Tuesday, Apr. 4
• Enfierce, Herd of Bison, and EcSovereign - Middle East Upstairs
• Minx, Electric Aces, Melted Chapstix, and Pete Cassini - O'Briens
Wednesday, Apr. 5
• Greet Death, Crescent Ridge, Circus Trees, and Burning Paris - Sonia
• Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and Ghostly Kisses - Sinclair
• Matt Charette, Linnea's Garden, Lobohombres, and Time & Place - Silhouette Lounge, Allston
Thursday, Apr. 6
• Rock n Roll Rumble w/, Kooked Out, Bird Language, The Shallows, and Graveyard of the Atlantiic - Middle East Upstairs
• Orchestra Luna, Berlin Airlift, Nervous Eaters, and Hallelujah the Hills - Brighton Music Hall
• Enslaved, and Insomnium - Big Night Live
• Jack McKelvie & the Countertops, and Thalia Zedek - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway
• Glitterer, Truth Cult, and Gil Sayfan - Central Square Elks Lodge all ages [7PM]
Friday, Apr. 7
• Rock n Rol Rumble w/, Bleach the Sky, Not Bad Not Well, Gretch Shae & the Middle Eight, and Paper Tigers - Middle East Upstairs
• Worriers, Lizdelise, and Sun Urchins - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Saturday, Apr. 8
• Rock n Roll Rumble w/, Time Wolf, City of Dis, One Fall, and D Tension & the Secrets - Middle East Upstairs
• Satan, Night Demon, Haunt, and Bygone - Sonia
• Sleaford Mods, and Muzzins - Paradise
• Randy Black & the Heathcroppers - Plough & Stars [4PM]
• Crow Follow, and Connor Storms & his Bouquet - Village Social Club, Brookline [7:30, free]
• Worriers, Lizdelise, and Addie - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• The Well, Firebreather, and Problem with Dragons - Alchemy, Providence, RI [5PM]
• Catharsis, Faim, and Hysteria - AS220, Providence, RI
Sunday, Apr. 9
• Little Stranger, and Damn Skippy - Middle East Corner
• Vision Video, and Urban Heat - Sonia
• Bikini Kill, and Brontes Purnell - Roadrunner
Thursday, Apr. 13
• Rock n Roll Rumble w/, Ruin the Nite, Tysk Tysk Task, The Endorphins, and The Freqs - Middle East Upstairs
• Fly by Midnight, and Anthony Russo - Sonia
• Omega Tribe, Phagocyte, Ancient Filth, and more - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway
• Muzzins, and Clamb - ONCE at the Rockwell
Friday, Apr. 14
• Rock n Roll Rumble w/, Parts per Million, Kid Disaster, The Chelsea Curve, and Luxury Deathtrap - Middle East Upstairs
• Church of the Cosmic Skull, and Valley of the Sun - Sonia
• Duster, and Widowspeak - Paradise all ages [7pm]
• Radio Compass, Noble Dust, and Starlings - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Carcass, Municipal Waste, Sacred Reich, and Creeping Death - Palladium, Worcester, MA
• Black Belt Eagle Scout, Claire Glass, and Adobo - Central Square Elks Lodge
Saturday, Apr. 15
• Rock n Roll Rumble w/, Donaher, Michael Kane & the Morning Afters, Devil Love, and Wildcat Slim - Middle East Upstairs
• Harris, Sidewalk Driver, and Stars Like Ours - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
• Dog Hotel, Halogens, and Suckerpunch - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Morbid Angel, Revocation, and Vitriol - Palladium, Worcester, MA
Sunday, Apr. 16
• Eyehategod, Goatwhore, and Hell - Middle East Downstairs
• Mustard Service, and Ryan Wright - Sonia
• Codeine, and Barbara Manning - Sinclair 18+ [7pm]
Wednesday, Apr. 19
• Sloan - Brighton Music Hall
Thursday, Apr. 20
• Black Flag - Middle East Downstairs all ages [8pm]
Friday, Apr. 21
• The Feelies - Sinclair 18+ [7pm]
• Fruit Bats - Royale 18+ [6pm]
• The Collect Pond, Why Try, and Bird Friend - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Saturday, Apr. 22
• Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Roadrunner all ages [7pm]
Sunday, Apr. 23
• Black Dahlia Murder, Terror, and more - Paradise
• M83 - Roadrunner all ages [7pm]
• Skinny Puppy, and Lead into Gold - MGM Music Hall
Tuesday, Apr. 25
• Fishbone - Brighton Music Hall
• Punk Rock Aerobics - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Tuesday, Apr. 25 - Wednesday, Apr. 26
• Built to Spill, and Prism Bitch - Sinclair 18+ [7:30]
Friday, Apr. 28 - Saturday, Apr. 29
• Dave Haus - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Saturday, Apr. 29
• Screaming Females, and Iron Chic - Brighton Music Hall
Sunday, Apr. 30
• Placebo, and Deap Vally - Roadrunner all ages [7pm]
Monday, May. 1
• Pedro the Lion - Sinclair 18+ [7pm]
Thursday, May. 4
• Coheed & Cambria, and Deafheaven - Roadrunner all ages [7pm]
Friday, May. 5
• Dentist, Salem Wolves, and Strange Pains - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Saturday, May. 6
• Hoodoo Gurus - Royale 18+ [7pm]
• Doc Hopper, Mikey Erg, Charmed & Strange, and Nate Doyle - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Saturday, May. 13
• The Hold Steady, and Dinosaur Jr. - Roadrunner all ages [6pm]
• Kepi Ghoulie, Brad Marino, and The Jacklights - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Monday, May. 15
• The New Pornographers, and Wild Pink - Royale 18+ [7pm]
• Off With Their Heads, and Single Mothers - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Thursday, May. 18
• Off!, and Die Spitz - Brighton Music Hall
Wednesday, May. 31
• Sisters of Mercy - Big Night Live
Saturday, Jun. 17
• LCD Soundsystem, and Idles - The Stage at Suffolk Downs [4pm]
Saturday, Jun. 17 - Sunday, Jun. 18
• Bane, and Suicide File - Roadrunner
Sunday, Jun. 18
• Boygenius - The Stage at Suffolk Downs [4pm]
Wednesday, Jun. 21
• Wednesday - Sinclair all ages [7pm]
Monday, Jul. 24 - Tuesday, Jul. 25
• Le Tigre - Royale 18+
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