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WMBR Staff Positions

Updated Sep 16, 2020

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Management Board

The WMBR Management Board is appointed by the General Manager to assist in the management of the station. The current members of the WMBR Management Board are listed below:
  • Allison Hamilos
    General Manager:  Only elected position at WMBR. Must be a full time student at MIT. Responsible for all aspects of managing the radio station. The Management Board, and all other positions, are appointed by the General Manager.
  • Julia Fiksinski
    Program Director:  Responsible for determining the programming schedule and is responsible for the content of the programming that is broadcast on the air. Also responsible for coordinating engineers for DJ's that are not yet approved to be on the air solo.
  • Caitlin Fischer
    Campus Promotions Director:  In charge of on campus promotions.
    Training Coordinator:  Coordinates training and testing of engineers.
  • Hector Iglesias
    Additional member of the Management Board
  • Erik Morrison
    Station Manager:  Responsible for the internal management of the station's facilities.
    Fundraising Director:  Manages and oversees WMBR's annual fundraising drive.
  • Brian Sennett
    Technical Director:  Maintains, repairs, and oversees operation of all technical equipment at the station.

Other Station Positions

Other Non-Management-Board station positions are listed below:
  • Music Directors:  Patrick Bryant, Christopher Vyce
    Responsible for acquiring new music and oversees the other music directors of specific genres.
  • Americana Music Directors:  Rick Roth, Paige the Mage
    Responsible for acquiring new Americana music
  • Classical Music Director:  Alley Stoughton
    Responsible for acquiring new classical music
  • Folk Director:  Bruce Sylvester
    Responsible for acquiring new folk music.
  • Hip-Hop Director:  Keri-Lee Garel
    Responsible for acquiring new hip-hop music.
  • Jazz Director:  Jon Pollack
    Responsible for acquiring new jazz music.
  • Loud Rock Director:  Joanie Lindstrom
    Responsible for acquiring new loud rock music.
  • RPM Director:  L-Train
    Responsible for aquiring new RPM/Techno music
  • World Music Director:  Julia Mongo
    Responsible for acquiring new world music.
  • Comptroller:  Lisa Gassaway
    Oversees the financial aspects of WMBR's operations.
  • Campus Promotions Director:  David Mercado
    In charge of on campus promotions.
  • Membership Directors:  Lauren Clamon, Westley Wu
    Responsible for inducting new Station Members and maintaining the database of current Station Members.
  • News Director:  Linda Pinkow
    Oversees WMBR's news programs.
  • Production Director:  Ken Field
    Responsible for the quality and organization of recorded material and assists other engineers with audio production.
  • Program Guide Editor:  Angelynn Grant
    Designs and oversees printing and distribution of WMBR's program guide.
  • Promotions Directors:  Joanie Lindstrom, Sara Josephson, Mark Francis
    Organizes and manages the giving away of free tickets to our listeners.
  • PSA Director:  Lipika Samal
    Handles all Public Service Announcements, written and recorded.
  • Publicity Director:  David Mercado
    Responsible for publicizing WMBR to the MIT community.
  • Record Librarian:  Sue Safton
    Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Record Library.
  • Social Chair:  Karina Hinojosa
    Coordinates internal social events to promote interaction between WMBR station members
  • Training Coordinators:  Galen Mook, Daniel Mascoop
    Coordinates training and testing of engineers.
  • Webmaster:  Theodric Young
    Supports the WMBR website and is generally responsible for the computers and network at WMBR.
  • Office Manager:  Heather D.
    Maintains the office, and stocks office supplies.

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