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How To Get Your Music Played on WMBR

Will you play my music?
Here's the deal. WMBR is completely freeform. That means, each DJ selects all the music played on his or her show. DJs may play music from their personal collection and from the radio station library. The Music Department conducts minimal oversight of the music that is available for DJ consideration. At any one time, the new rack for college/indie/punkie/alterny/whatever-y music contains 600-700 titles.

Does the MD listen to all 600-700 new releases?
Are you kidding me?!

Well, surely you have some minions reviewing CDs for you?
As a freeform station, we let each individual DJ decide what to spin, rather than preventing them from exercising such freedom by previewing CDs in advance.

But when you say "freeform" you don't really mean it, right? Don't you have at least a medium or heavy rotation CDs?
Nope, we mean it. A DJ could play "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" or Will Oldham 10 times in a row without fear of an MD smackdown.

Whatever. So, where do I send my band's awesome new CD?

Attn: Music Director
WMBR Radio
3 Ames Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

If each DJ chooses the music for his or her show, what good is the Music Director?
Good question. Too bad we don't have a decent answer. As far as we can tell, the Music Director just opens the mail, scrawls illegible comments on the discs, compiles charts, deletes email from publicists, and, most importantly, provides an array of snacks for station members.

Do you folks play unsigned bands?
Yes, unsigned bands are treated no differently than major label bands.

Could you listen to my MP3 and tell me if you like it?
Sorry. We hardly have enough time to handle the quantity of hard discs as it is. We urge artists and labels to send music in a tangible physical form.

May we list your contact info on our publicity materials so our fans can make requests?
Please don't. Though we're excited to receive attention and listenership from all quarters, most DJ's react negatively to artist self-promotion (especially when the person making the request is not even listening to the station at the time). For better for worse, the DJ may negatively associate this conduct with the artist.

Have you ever seen our awesome band photo?
No, and sometimes it's preferable to keep it that way. Press kits, with or without glossy photos, are irrelevant to determining how much a CD gets played, if at all. We recommend sending an informational "one-sheet" describing the artist and detailing any interesting anecdotes.

How can our band play live or promote our new disc on your station?
Given that WMBR is a freeform station, your best chance for a live performance/interview is to petition the individual host of a particular show that is most suited to your band. If our station has never played, let alone heard, your band, it's highly unlikely the first time will be as an in-studio performance.

We're organizing a tour of campus cafeterias. Can arrange for us to perform at your local watering hole?
WMBR does not program concerts.

Where do I send the check to get my band charted?
WMBR publishes weekly, monthly, and yearly charts based upon the amount of spins releases receive by our DJs. Though the MD appreciates graft as much as the next crooked programmer, it is impossible to influence a band's chart position through such generosity.

Can I send you 12 copies of our new CD for on-air giveaways?
Giveaways work best if your music actually is being played. We're not afraid to ask for freebies if DJ's like your music. Alternatively, if we tell you your music is receiving airplay, then feel welcome to inundate us with swag.

Would you promote our upcoming concert?
Upcoming concerts are announced on the air at regular times. Check the bottom of our Concert Report Page for the best email addresses to which to send concert information.

Speaking of which, how do I learn if my CD is being played on WMBR?
Check the weekly charts or send an email to .

I've always wanted to receive hastily-drafted emails noting your station's charts.
Just email and asked to receive spammed weekly.

I'd like to add you to our band's e-mailing list, just in case we play an open mike night in your area?
Please don't. While a personalized email always is appropriate, we'd rather not receive unsolicited updates about your music.

So is there nothing I can do to get my CD played on WMBR?
Well, take a gander at our playlists and show descriptions. Then determine if your music is suitable for (m)any of these shows. For instance, even if our hatred of Dave Matthews Band is typical college radio snobbery, it's unlikely that a soundalike band will receive played. On the other hand, if your band plays garage, punk or experimental music, you have a bevy of opportunities for your music to receive airplay.

Who can I contact regarding a specific genre of music?

Americana: Rick Roth & Paige the Mage,
Classical: Alley Stoughton,
Folk: Bruce Sylvester,
Hiphop: Keri Garel,
Jazz: Jon Pollak,
Local: Erik Morrison,
Loud Rock: Joanie Lindstrom,
New Edge: Ken Field,
RPM/Techno: L-Train,
World: Julia Mongo,

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