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WMBR Special Events Calendar This Month
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12:00pm: Patnauseam Monomanical Marathon: Amazing Grace on Subject to Change

26 27

12:00pm: The Wild Wide World of STDs on Lost and Found

7:00pm: FAVELA DISCOS (Porto, PT) Batsaykhan, Dies Lexic, Animal Hospital, Gekiga Warlord on Near and Far

28 29 30 1

10:00am: Resisting Private Jets at Hanscom and Anywhere: A Webinar on Radio with a View

12:00pm: Patnauseam: Comin' Home Baby on Subject to Change

3 4

12:00pm: Birth Control on Lost and Found

7:00pm: Party with a Purpose ft. Sirintip, Siamand, Nicolai Toma, Rung Hyang, O.N.O. on Near and Far

5 6 7 8

12:00pm: Patnauseam Monomanical Marathon: That Old Time Religion on Subject to Change

10 11

12:00pm: You're Having my...What? on Lost and Found

7:00pm: "Don't touch that dial" ft. DJ Mitsu the Beats, Sim Nagai, NEO`OKλI, MEEBEE, Riow Arai, |||||||||||||||||||| on Near and Far

12 13 14 15

12:00pm: Patnauseam: You've Made Me So Very Happy on Subject to Change

17 18

12:00pm: The Martian Chronicles (Part 1) on Lost and Found

7:00pm: Groovy summer vibes ft. Rhymester, Latteo, Nsiries, Fernando Kabusacki, Meebee, WaqWaq Kingdom on Near and Far

19 20 21

8:00am: Scott Creney & Brigette Herron are interviewed by Jon Bernhardt about their book, "The Story of the B-52s" on Breakfast of Champions


11:00am: Patnauseam Monomanical Marathon: Terry Riley's in C on Subject to Change

24 25

7:00pm: 京浜東北線 Keihin-Tohoku Line ft. SKRYU, Ramza, Shoko Igarashi, GuruConnect on Near and Far

26 27 28 29

2:00pm: Latin experimental music! on Treaty of Tordesillas


12:00pm: Patnauseam: Nadia's Theme on Subject to Change

31 1

12:00pm: All We Are Saying is Give Other Planets a Chance (Part 1) on Lost and Found

7:00pm: Boom bap comeback ft. DJ Krutch, The Burning Redwoods, Chassol, a.s.o. on Near and Far

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