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WMBR Special Events Calendar This Month
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12:00pm: Patnauseam: Sinking of the Titanic on Subject to Change

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7:00am: Tribute to legendary drummer Jeff Porcaro on Mama Cass' House

12:00pm: The Poets (Part 1) on Lost and Found

7:00pm: Pray for Peace 平和を願うft. Ami Kusakari, mabanua, YonYon, DJ Krush, Enji, HJirok on Near and Far

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2:00pm: Playing of 2005 Malcolm Holcombe performance on WMBR on Troubadour

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12:00pm: Patnauseam: Fast Car on Subject to Change

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7:00pm: EDIT ft. Ground, Suzumeno Tears, ONJuicy, ExWHYZ, Shing02 on Near and Far

10:00pm: Destination Kuiper heads North: Digging the vinyl collection of Max Graham

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10:00pm: Overnight Broadcast


12:00pm: Patnauseam: (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 on Subject to Change

9:00pm: A Program of Jazz Returns

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12:00pm: The Playwrights (Part 1) on Lost and Found

7:00pm: Elevated Listening ft. Kalhex, Y. Daimon, Uilou, Chiyori on Near and Far

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2:00pm: World War II music featured on Troubadour

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12:00pm: Patnauseam: Highway 61 Revisited on Subject to Change

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7:00pm: "Heart Talk" Merry Lamb Lamb, Miso Extra & aimei 媚 on Near and Far

8:00pm: Live Broadcast at Scientists Against Genocide Encampment@MIT on Sixer Mixer

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5:30pm: Special Coverage: MIT Encampment for Gaza on WMBR Nightly News


12:00pm: Patnauseam: John Henry on Subject to Change

29 30

7:00pm: "2nd Awakening" Yoshimidzu, Shazuki, Isabella Koen on Near and Far

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1:00am: AI & Filmmaking: Exploring te Future of Film with Gianfranco Švagelj on Community Conduit

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