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String Theory

Fridays 7-8pm

(Airs the First of Every Two Weeks)

Hosted by: Shruti Ravikumar

in physics, string theory is the idea that at some fundamental level, all aspects of the universe are tied together. tune in to listen to songs that are connected (in both obvious and obscure ways)
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Fri Jan 27 7:00 pm

From Bindu to Ojas

Fridays 7-9pm

(Airs the Second of Every Two Weeks)

Hosted by: Selector J.R.

From Bindu to Ojas is thrills, chills and high adventure. Big on American soul, rocksteady, gospel, blues, and music from Africa to Asia. Oddballs and rarities are waiting to surprise the astute hipster on any given day, and there's no day off.
Listen to past shows:
Fri Jan 20 7:00 pm
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