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Treaty of Tordesillas

Sundays 2-4pm

(Airs the First of Every Two Weeks)

Hosted by: Mercado & Amy Battisti-Ashe

Latin rhythms from across the Americas. Lyrics in Spanish and Portuguese, plus cuicas, guiros, marimbas, berimbaus, agogos, cajón, batá--basically enough percussion to make a drum kit look weak.
Listen to past shows:
Sun May 21 2:00 pm Playlist

Bottom of the Record Bin

Sundays 2-4pm

(Airs the Second of Every Two Weeks)

Hosted by: James Rock

Discover evocative hauntology, ethereal indie, dreamy ambient, and more (nearly) forgotten music from the bottom of the record bin.
Listen to past shows:
Sun May 28 2:00 pm
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