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PhD Offense

Saturdays 10-11pm

(Airs the First of Every Two Weeks)

Hosted by: Max Dunitz

Making tiny dents in the paper-thin walls of human knowledge, searching for the resonant frequencies of the paper-thin walls of reality through stochastic gradient e-filing of sound to le fisc. Bonjour, pensez à déclarer vos revenues sur impots.gouv.fr.

The Intergalactic Witching Hour with Crood >Boi> and Lorinda

Saturdays 10-11pm

(Airs the Second of Every Two Weeks)

Hosted by: David and Daniel

Unaware of reality’s paper-thin walls? Become acquainted with a transcendental and planetary group. View the transmittal of information from place to place. Music that skirts the edges of, but does not tear, those paper-thin walls. 
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