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Monthly Rock Report for January 1997
1 Various I've Got My Friends Flat
2 Spare Snare Westfield Lake Wabana
3 "Menck, Ric" The Ballad of Ric Menck Summershine
4 Apples in Stereo Science Faire Spin Art
5 Orans "Windfall 7""" Harriet
6 Ken Ardley Playboys We've Got Ken Lucky Garage
7 Various TJSA/Fat Day Ratfish
8 Cards in Spokes "Stix, Nix, Hix, Pix" Allied
9 Sukia S/T Nickel Bag
10 Pernice Brothers "Jimmy Coma 7"" " SubPop
11 Vehicle Flips Terminus Harriet
12 Red Krayola Hazel Drag City
13 Various Double Agent 1980 Double Agent
14 Various Violent Society/Boils S-Kill
15 Ultrabreakfast 11 Song Demo none
16 Dagobah S/T Sampson
17 Evaporators United Empire Logistics Nard Wuar
18 Various Ear-Piercing Punk Archive Int'l
19 Retriever Three Second Stereo Silver Girl
20 "Janovitz, Bill" Lonesome Billy Beggars Banquet
21 Built to Spill Perfect from Now On Warner Bros
22 Crumbs S/T Lookout
23 "Davies, Richard" Sign Up Maybe for Being Summershine
24 June of '44 The Anatomy of Sharks e.p. Quarterstick
25 Trans Am Surrender to the Night Thrill Jockey
26 Walking Ruined Fall of the House of Pain Ruined
27 Tristan Psionic TPA Flight 028 Sonic Unyon
28 Various New England Scene Arf Arf
29 Secret Stars "RPMS 7""" Atlas Sands
30 Various Trans Am/Wing Tip Sloat Tuba Frenzy
31 Teddy Fire Fluxing Headsetman Sealed Hotel
32 Various Runt of Litter 2 Fan Attic
33 Spent Idols Tonite Hugs Kisses Sport City
34 Half String Fascination with Heights IPR
35 Like Hell Snowballs Chance Spanish Fly
36 Sukpatch Howlin Grass Slabco
37 Memphis Goons Teenage BBQ Shangri-La
38 Yummy Fur Night Club Slampt
39 Sick of it All Cool as a Mustache East West
40 Various Hoover & Lincoln Art Monk Construction
41 Invalids Out of My Head Second Coming
42 Red Stars Theory El Paraguas Deluxe
43 Shiva the Destroyer Come Inside Codependent
44 Class "Always Alone 7""" Double Agent
45 Miltown "Predatory Male 7""" none
46 Cretins I Feel Better Already Melted
47 Cybermen Estrus is Go Estrus
48 Pachinko Behind the Green Alternative Tentacles
49 Chavez Ride the Fader Matador
50 Good Horsey "Pink Pages 7""" Trackshun

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