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Monthly Rock Report for May 1997
2 Huns Live at the Palladium 1979 Get Hip
3 Tugboat Annie Wake Up & Disappear Kim Chee/Big Top
4 Makers Hunger Estrus
5 Karate In Place of Real Insight Southern
6 Yo La Tengo I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One Matador
7 Belle and Sebastian If You're Feeling Sinister Enclave
8 Sleater Kinney Dig Me Out Kill Rock Stars
9 Sea and Cake The Fawn Thrill Jockey
10 Various Caught in the Cyclone Cyclone
11 Number One Cup Wrecked by Lions Flydaddy
12 Blonde Redhead Fake Can Be Just as Good Touch and Go
13 Notwist 12 Zero Hour
14 Dicks 1980-1986 Alternative Tentacles
15 Three1/2 Girls Rule Curve of the Earth
16 Van Pelt Sultans of Sentiment Gern Blandsten
17 Peat Mos "Earl Grey Tea 7""" Sonorama
18 Anti Flag Die for Your Government New Red Archives
19 Various They Came from MASS Big Wheel Recreation
20 Bevis Frond Son of Walter Flydaddy
21 Various More Than a Feline Radio
22 Helium No Guitars Matador
23 Remission Our Days Are #'d Beer City
24 Dirt Merchants Swiss Bank e.p. V-Hold
25 Bettie Serveert Dust Bunnies Matador/Capitol
26 Great Unraveling S/T Kill Rock Stars
27 Long Hind Legs S/T Kill Rock Stars
28 Electric Frankenstien Sick Songs Kado
29 Bailter Space Capsul Turnbuckle
30 Prickly Velleity Harriet
31 Authorities Puppy Love Get Hip
32 Insomniacs Out of It Estrus
33 Kerosene 454 S/T Dischord
34 "Minekawa, Takako" Roomic Cube March
35 Galaxie 500 Copenhagen Ryko
36 Beatnik Filmstars Phase 3 No Life
37 All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors "I Am Where You Were 7""" Gern Blandsten
38 Various Dutch Rock Music 97 Conamus
39 Satisfact S/T K
40 Big Heifer Your Gravity Hat Factory
41 Various Metrorage Warehouse/Toboggan Fan Attic
42 bis The New Transistor Heroes Capitol
43 Millencolin For Monkeys Epitath
44 Cold Cold Hearts S/T Kill Rock Stars
45 Frogs Starjob Scratchie
46 Scissor Girls Here is the Is Not Atavistic
47 Cul de Sac I Don't Want to Go to Bed Thirsty Ear
48 Christie Front Drive S/T Caulfield
49 Trans Megettii Steal the Jet Keys Art Monk Construction
50 Shotmaker Mouse Ear Troubleman Unlimited
51 Major Stars Rock Sounds of People Twisted Village

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