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Monthly Rock Report for July 1997
1 Various Cheapo Crypt Sampler #2 Crypt
2 Bantam Rooser Deal Me In Crypt
3 Various 30 Seconds Before the Calico Wall! Arf! Arf!
4 Streetwalkin' Cheetahs Overdrive Alive
5 Kudgel Chimp=Dead Super 8
6 Mission of Burma The Horrible Truth About Burma Rykodisc
7 Toulouse The Way the City Stretches Won't Go Flat
8 Various Gertie Farrish/The Pissed-Officers -
9 Eighty-Four Nash The Kings of Yeah Rockathon
10 Hurl Not a Memory My Pal God
11 Loudmouths S/T New Red Archives
12 Dambuilders Against the Stars Elektra
13 Luna Pup Tent Elektra
14 "Manning, Barbara" 1212 Matador
15 Various Iron City Punk Vol. II Reverb
16 Various Mirrors/Electric Eels/Styrenes Scat
17 Econochrist S/T Ebullition
18 Creeper Lagoon S/T Dogday
19 Lyres Early Years 79-88 Live Crypt
20 Various Heavy Dose of Lyte Psych Arf! Arf!
21 Blanks 77 Tanked and Pogoed in Space Radical
22 Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts. Straight to Video Anyway
23 Heckle The Complicated Futility of Ignorance Hopeless
24 Various The Fearless Flush Sampler Fearless
25 Fly Ashtray Flummoxed Dark Beloved Cloud
26 Zounds Curse of Zounds Broken Rekkids
27 Various Little Darla Has a Treat Vol 7 Darla
28 Weak Moments S/T Ba Da Bing!
29 Various Overdose of Heavy Psych Arf! Arf!
30 Brand New Unit Looking Back Again BYO
31 Bratface Attention Deficit Disorder Fan Attic/Reprobate
32 "Tek, Dniz Group" Le Bonne Raite Prospectice/TRC
33 Unseen Lower Class Crucifixion VML
34 Various Bastard Squad/Dislexics Fat Einstein
35 Various The Inner Flame Atlantic
36 Drags Stop Rock and Roll Estrus
37 (Young) Pioneers "(Young Pioneers) on trial 7""" Lookout
38 Wellwater Conspiracy Declaration of Conformity Third Gear
39 Eye for an Eye 100% Unnatural Taang!
40 Various America in Decline 6 Weeks
41 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Controversial Negro Matador
42 "Morphew, Jason" Transparent Ba Da Bing!
43 Yips The Blue Flannel Bathrobe Butterfly Siltbreeze
44 Hong Kong "Freerider Pants 7""" Turducken
45 Lifetime Jersey's Best Dancers Jade Tree
46 Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating Dedicated
47 GBH Punk Junkies Triple X
48 Fat Day "Smell Me Silly 7""" HG Fact
49 Ducky Boys Gettin out GMM
50 "Rising, Bob" Bob O'Clock Throwrug

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