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Monthly Rock Report for August 1997
1 Various The Money Shot! Chunklet
2 Various Joe King Presents: More Bounce to the Ounce Lookout
3 Various Dreamboat Cassiel
4 Urinals Negative Capability Amph Rep
5 Bomb Bassets Take a Trip With Lookout
6 Dissolve Third Album for the Sun Kranky
7 Eighty-Four Nash The Kings of Yeah Rockathon
8 Kudgel Chimp=Dead Super 8
9 In Out Cosmosis Dark Beloved Cloud
10 Drags Stop Rock and Roll Estrus
11 Calexico Spoke 1/4Stick
12 Various What's Up Matador? Matador
13 Dropkick Murphys Boys on the Docks Cyclone
14 Jack Killed Jill In Stereo New Red Archive
15 "Matthews, Eric" The Lateness of the Hour SubPop
16 High Llamas Hawaii V2/Alpaca Park
17 Beatnik Filmstars Off-White N oise e.p. Merge
18 Various Born to Lose Soundtrack Bomp/Alive
19 Vktms S/T Broken Rekids
20 Various Iron City Punk Vol. II Reverb
21 Flamin Groovies In Person!! Norton
22 Thirty Foot Tall Acme-143 Fearless
23 Toulouse The Way the City Stretches Won't Go Flat
24 Various Cheapo Crypt Sampler #2 Crypt
25 "Manning, Barbara" 1212 Matador
26 Various America in Decline 6 Weeks
27 King Loser Caul of the Outlaw Flying Nun
28 Murder City Devils S/T Die Young
29 Prophetess Dichotomy Prophetess
30 White Hassle National Chain Matador
31 Insult I Wanna Be a Burn Victim Know
32 A-Bones Crash the Party Norton
33 Starbean Refuting the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Derivative!
34 Nothings "Greatest Misses 7""" Dicky
35 Philosopher's Stone Preparation Kranky
36 Various Sample This! - BYO Records BYO
37 Streetwalkin' Cheetahs Overdrive Alive
38 Lynnfield Pioneers Lamp Camp e.p. Lampshop
39 Rhythm Collision Collision Course Dr. Strange
40 "Doiron, Julie" Loneliest in the Morning SubPop
41 Green Pajamas Strung Behind the Sun Camera Obscura
42 Magical Power Mako Blue Dot Atavistic
43 "Hawkins, Dale" Daredevil Norton
44 Purple Ivy Shadows Under & OK Slow River
45 Closure S/T Mountain
46 Violent Anal Death e.p. Roachender
47 Drunk in Public Tapped Gut! Fearless
48 Various Chord Sampler #12 Chord
49 Feds Chicago Bureau Dr. Strange
50 Fuck Pardon My French Matador

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