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Monthly Rock Report for September 1997
1 American Analog Set From Our Living Room to Yours Emp Norton
2 Murder City Devils S/T Die Young
3 Mono Men "Have a Nice Day, Motherfucker" Estrus!
4 Action Patrol On Patrol Whirled
5 Various ABC's of Punk Whirled
6 Oblivians Play songs with Mr. Quintron Crypt
7 Lync Remembering the Fire Halls K
8 Cosmic Psychos Oh What a Lovely Pie Amph Rep
9 Various The Basement Tapes Vol. 2 KSPC
10 Bright The Albatross Guest House Ba Da Bing!
11 Elevator to Hell Eerieconsiliation Sub Pop
12 Better than a Thousand Just One Revelation
13 Crabs What Were Flames Now Smolder K
14 Green Pajamas Strung Behind the Sun Camera Obscura
15 King Loser Caul of the Outlaw Flying Nun
16 Various Mirrors/Electric Eels/Styrenes Scat
17 "Kilgour, David & Heavy 8's" S/T Flying Nun
18 American Measles Shover the Cupcake Aquabug
19 Down By Law Last of the Sharpshooters Epitaph
20 Sportsguitar "Married, 3 Kids" Matador
21 Various Give Em the Boot Hellcat
22 Groovie Ghoulies Re-Animation Factor Lookout
23 Will Haven El Diablo Revelation
24 Pizzicato Five Happy End of the World Matador
25 Various Tard and Further'd Siltbreeze
26 No Use for a Name Making Friends Fat Wreck
27 No Empathy The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated Johanns Face
28 "Matthews, Eric" The Lateness of the Hour SubPop
29 Insult I Wanna Be a Burn Victim Know
30 Mog Stunt Team King of the Retards Amph. Rep
31 Bomb Bassets Take a Trip With Lookout
32 Beatnik Filmstars Off-White Noise e.p. Merge
33 Dissolve Third Album for the Sun Kranky
34 Bantam Rooser Deal Me In Crypt
35 Shipping News Save Everything Quarterstick
36 Unnatural Axe Is Going to Kick Your Ass Lawless
37 Grifters fullblownpossession SubProp
38 Little John We'll Always Have Ohio Crane Mt.
39 Various Hate Your Neighbors Pussy Muncher
40 Various Texas: Collection of Texas Garage Punk Au Go Go
41 Various Tokyo Trashville Au Go Go
42 "?hesterman, Charlie" Dynamite Music Machine Slow River
43 Lint The Little Dancing Ballerina Has Given Up Plumb
44 Ramones Greatest Hits Live Radioactive
45 Speed Queens S/T Sympathy for the
46 DM Bob and the Deficits Bushhog'n Crypt
47 Feces Pieces S/T Curve of the Earth
48 Orifice Gollywoggle Opaline
49 Calexico Spoke 1/4Stick
50 Delta 72 The Soul of a New Machine Touch n Go

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