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Weekly Rock Report for February 28, 1998
1 Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea Merge
2 Thee Headcoats The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand Damaged Goods
3 Gerty Farish Bulks Up Load
4 Various Bloodstains Across Finland Poko/Love
5 Moped The Horrible Truth About Moped Vital Cog
6 Armitage Shanks Cacophony Now Damaged Goods
7 Ducky Boys/Pinkerton Thugs "Another Day Another Story 7""" Police
8 Tullycraft City of Subarus Cher Doll
9 "Garner, Sue" To Run More Smoothly Thrill Jockey
10 Bedhead Transaction de Novo Trance
11 T*Shirt What's Wrong With You is Wrong Silver Girl
12 Come Gently Down the Stream Matador
13 Flying Nuns Flying Nuns Spinning
14 Cap'n Jazz An Alphabetapolotholopy Jade Tree
15 Dump A Plea for Tenderness Brinkman
16 Miltown Miltown Hydra Head
17 Mullens Mullens Get Hip
18 Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple Special Problem Music Varicore Braid
19 Various 1998 Teenbeat Sampler Teenbeat
20 Alchemysts Over & Out Camera Obscura
21 June of 44 Four Great Points Quarterstick
22 Coax Fear of Standing Still Paradigm
23 Jumbo "Larger Than Life 7""" Stim Prod
24 Curve Come Clean Universal
25 Star Ghost Dog Happy Love Catapult
26 Gaze Mitsumeru K
27 Sinister Six Sinisteria! Get Hip
28 Various Hepcats Took My Baby Legend of Assquatch
29 Holiday Flyer The Rainbow Confection Silver Girl
30 Dropkick Murphys Do or Die Hellcat
31 High Llamas Cold and Bouncy V2/Alpaca
32 Oval Dok Thrill Jockey
33 Radiolaria Fuzz is Verse Twist Top
34 Ruins Refusal Fossil Skin Graft
35 Salamander Red Ampersand Camera Obscura
37 Various Bloodstains Across Finland Poko/Love
38 Coax Fear of Standing Still Paradigm
39 Speed Devils Speed Devils Cacophone
40 Omit Quad Hermes
41 Vision The Kids Still Have a Lot to Say Cargo

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