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Weekly Rock Report for April 18, 1998
1 "Davies, Richard" Telegraph Flydaddy
2 All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors Turning into Small Gern Blandsten
3 Damon & Naomi Playback Singers Sub Pop
4 Major Stars The Rock Revival Twisted Village
5 Pacific Ocean Birds Don't Think They're Flying Enchante
6 Various Up the Dosage! Wonder Drug
7 Yo La Tengo Little Honda Matador
8 Suicide Machines Battle Hymns Hollywood
9 Donkey Pump in the Yard Dump in the Bucket Love Letter
10 Mars Accelerator Frankfurt: Telephonics RxRemedy
11 Trembling Blue Stars Lips That Taste of Tears Shinkansen
12 Low Numbers "Telekom 7""" Instant Tunes
13 Bedhead Transaction de Novo Trance
14 Asha Vida Nature's Clumsy Hand Burnt Hair
15 Dirty Three Ocean Songs Touch & Go
16 Foil Spread It All Around Mute
17 Gasoline Gasoline Estrus
18 Long Fin Killie Amelia Too Pure
19 Splash 4 Filth City Estrus
20 Distraught "Distraught 7""" Havoc
21 Max Ride the Dove Dove
22 Slughog Ungodly Amounts of Meat Wonder Drug
23 Blood for Blood Revenge on Society Victory
24 Electric Frankenstien Fractured V&V Production
25 Braid Frame and Canvas Polyvinyl
26 Sarge The Glass Intact Mud
27 Turkish Delight Howcha Magowcha Arch Enemy
28 Various Little Darla Has a Treat for You Vol. 9 Darla
29 Scrawl Nature Film Elektra
30 Throttle Soul Disease Reproductive
31 Various Lemonlime Vol. 2 SpinArt
32 Bruisers The Authorized Bruisers Cyclone
33 Paul Nini & His Orchestra Lilfe in These United States TMIV
34 Various All Punk Rods: Gearhead Magazine Lookout!
35 Shutdown Against All Odds Victory
37 Bevis Frond North Circular Flydaddy
38 Various Little Darla Has a Treat for You Vol. 9 Darla
39 Scrawl Nature Film Elektra
40 Green Pajamas Indian Winter Get Hip
41 LeMans Lemans/Entresenana Grimsey

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