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Weekly Rock Report for June 6, 1998
1 30 Seconds Over Tokyo 30 Seconds Over Tokyo Flat
2 Various Friendly Society Harriet
3 Secret Stars Genealogies Shrimper
4 Sportsguitar Happy Already Matador
5 Juneau Juneau Ba Da Bing!
6 Traitors Traitors Johann's Face
7 Green Pajamas Indian Winter Get Hip
8 All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors Turning into Small Gern Blandsten
9 Proclamation "Straight Edge Hardcore 7""" Bridge 9
10 Loud Family Days for Days Alias
11 Titans "Wild Guy 10""" Get Hip
12 Calexico The Black Light Quarterstick
13 Cretins We're Gonna Get So Laid Melted
14 Hula Boy As Tight as an Owl With the Hula Boy Harriet
15 Pernice Brothers Overcome by Happiness Sub Pop
16 Various Waiting to Exhale Trance
17 Various Selector Dub Narcotic K
18 Velvet Crush Heavy Changes Action
19 Technicolor One Touch Test Strip Fuzzy Box
20 Bangs Tiger Beat Kill Rock Stars
21 Bevis Frond North Circular Flydaddy
22 Cornelius Fantasma Matador
23 Various Pure Spun Sugar CandyFloss/AmPop
24 Showcase Showdown "We Are Showcase Showdown 7""" Tario
25 Bomboras Head Shrinkin' Fun Zombie a Go-Go
26 Bareminimum Can't Cure the Nailbiters RxRemedy
27 Lyres Lyres Matador
28 Queers Everything's OK Hopeless
29 Rocket 455 "See All Knows All Tells All 10""" Get Hip
30 Spinanes Sampler Subpop
31 Logical Nonsense Soul Pollution Alt Tentacles
32 Both Worlds Memory Rendered Visible Roadrunner
33 Deerhoof "Deerhoof 7""" Menlo Park
34 Reach the Sky "Lost Glories 7""" Espo
35 Various 15th Anniversary Compilation Suburban Voice
37 Traitors Traitors Johann's Face
38 Various Pure Spun Sugar CandyFloss/AmPop
39 Showcase Showdown "We Are Showcase Showdown 7""" Tario
40 Proclamation "Straight Edge Hardcore 7""" Bridge 9
41 V. Majestic V. Majestic Edgy

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