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Monthly Rock Report for August 1998
1 Beatnik Filmstars Boss Disque Merge
2 Sianspheric Sianspheric Sonic Unyon
3 Six Finger Satellite Law of Ruins Sub Pop
4 Mean Red Spiders Places You Call Home Teenage USA
5 Shoot the Hostages No Witnesses Rodent Popsicle
6 Grasshopper and the Golden Crickets The Orbit of Eternal Grace Beggars Banquet
7 Snowpony The Slow-Motion World of Snowpony Radioactive
8 Les Thugs Nineteen Something Sub Pop
9 Grain Two Zeros Fragrant
10 Various It's Only Four Dollars Chunklet
11 Agnositc Front Something's Gotta Give Epitaph
12 Scrimshanders Scrimshanders Magee
13 VVV Endless Mute/Blast First
14 Reagan Squad "We'll Fight for What's Right 7"" ep" Self
15 Willard Grant Conspiracy Flying Low Slow River/Ryko
16 Bailter Space Photon Turnbuckle
17 Ducky Boys Dark Days GMM
18 Various Planetary Pebbles Vol. 2: Exitos a Go Go AIP
19 Pilsner Autosuggestion Get Hip
20 Brian Jonestown Massace Strung Out in Heaven TVT
21 Bauhaus Crackle Beggar's Banquet
22 Fastbreak Fast Cars Fast Women Big Wheel
23 Stisism Coping With Society Intensive
24 Original Sins Skeletons in the Garage Spare Me
25 Reo Speedealer Reo Speedealer Royalty
26 Bright Blue Christian Darla
27 Mirza Iron Campus Flux Darla
28 Pedro the Lion It's Hard to Find a Friend Made in Mexico
29 Straight Faced Conditioned Epitaph
30 Pram North Pole Radio Station Merge
31 Pullman Turnstyles and Junkpiles Thrill Jockey
32 Evaporators I Gotta Rash Nord War
33 Racketeers The Racketeers Scolly Sq.
34 Toxic Narcotic Damn Near Killed Em Rodent Popsicle
35 Toxic Narcotic/Unseen "Boston's Finest 7""" ADD/Rodent Popsicle
36 Various Essential Pebbles Vol. 2 AIP
37 Sanity Assassins Resistance is Useless Cargo/Retch
38 Silos Heater Checkered Past
39 Stereophonic Space Sound The Fluid Sandbox Mai Tai
40 Gitbox! Soulsharks Brinkman
41 "Phair, Liz" Whitechocolatespaceegg Matador
42 Sick Bees On the One RxRemedy
43 Sonic Youth Silver Session for Jason Knuth SYP
44 Various Badaboom Gramophone #3 Ba Da Bing
45 Saturnine Mid the Green Fields Victorialand
46 "Buckner, Richard" Since MCA
47 Sandpit The Hunting Picture Fallaheen
48 Consumed Breakfast at Pappa's Fat Wreck
49 Various Our Own Way Blackout!
50 Saturnalia Saturnalia Sublingual

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