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Weekly Rock Report for November 7, 1998
1 Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo Strange But True Matador
2 Cat Power Moon Pix Matador
3 Ex Starters Alternators Ex/Touch & Go
4 Queers Punk Rock Confidential Hopeless
5 Various Marvelous Sound Forms Twisted Village
6 Various The Big Hits of Mid-America Plum
7 Minders Hooray for Tuesday Spinart
8 Various Nuggets Sampler Rhino
9 Belle & Sebastian The Boy With the Arab Strap Matador
10 Beck Mutations DCG/Bong Load
11 "Joyner, Simon" "Yesterday, Tomorrow and In Between" Sing Euchuchs!
12 Creation Highlights from the Complete Collection Retroactive
13 Hi-Fives Get Down Lookout
14 Electric Frankenstein I Was a Teenage Shutdown Estrus
15 Various New Alliance: Ten Years After Curve of the Earth
16 Various Teenage Shutdown: I'm a No Count Crypt
17 Fartz Because This Fucking World Still Stinks Alternative Tentacles
18 Slackers The Question Hellcat
19 Twelve Caesars Youth is Wasted Minty Fresh
20 Club 8 The Friend I Once Had March
21 Silver Jews American Water Drag City
22 Various Teenage Shutdown: Things Been Bad Crypt
23 "Manning, Barbara" In New Zealand Communion
24 Holland "Beep, Kiss ep" AudioInformationPhenomena
25 Litter $100 Fine K-Tel
26 Hovercraft Experiment Below Mute
27 Prolapse The Italian Flag Jetset
28 Pedro the Lion It's Hard to Find a Friend Made in Mexico
29 Cuffs Bottoms Up Radical
30 All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors "That Familiar Look to You 7""" Hidden Agenda
31 "Hazard, Blake" Demo CD-5 -
32 Lothars Meet the Lothars Camera Obscura
33 764-HERO Get Here and Stay Up
34 Das Klown Antidote Skunk
35 Sam Black Church Black Comedy Wonderdrug

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