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Monthly Rock Report for October 1999
1 Various A Lethal Dose of Hard Psych Arf!Arf!
2 Frogs Bananimals 4 Alarm
3 Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs Merge
4 Billy Childish and Holly Golightly In Blood Wabana
5 Stereo Total My Melody Bobsled
6 Various Sounds From Psychedelphia Lounge
7 Kincaid Play Super Hawaii Kindercore
8 Luna The Days of Our Nights Jericho
9 "Prewitt, Archer" White Sky Carrot Top
10 Various Try a Little Sunshine Pop Art
11 Fastbacks The Day That Didn't Exist Spin Art
12 Les Savy Fav The Cat and the Cobra French Kiss
13 Arcwelder Everest Touch and Go
14 Various Pebbles Vol. 12: The World AIP
15 Kermit's Finger Negative Mental Images Poorest Quality
16 Flin Flon Boo-Boo Teen Beat
17 Snow Patrol Songs for Polar Bears Jeepster
18 Bevis Frond Live at the Great American Music Hall Flydaddy
19 Wheat Hope and Adams Sugar Free
20 Blanks 77 CBH Radical
21 White Stripes White Stripes Sympathy for the Record Industry
22 Stereolab Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night Elektra
23 Outlets Outlets Outlets
24 Make Up Save Yourself K
25 Real Kids Better Be Good Norton
26 June of 44 In the Fishtank Konkurrant
27 Unwound The Singles Connection Kill Rock Stars
28 Velvet Crush Free Expression Bobsled
29 Anti-Heros Underneath the Underground GMM
30 Sloan Between the Bridges Murder
31 Various Old Skars and Upstarts Alive
32 Cheater Slicks Refried Dreams In the Red
33 Lakuna Castle of Crime 4AD
34 Drags 45x3 Empty
35 Shods Thanks for Nuthin' Poorhouse
36 Ultrabreakfast We're Safe -
37 Essex Green Everything is Green Kindercore
38 Major Stars Space/Time Twisted Village
39 "Rogers, Wayne" Constant Displacement Twisted Village
40 Rondelles The Fox Teen Beat
41 Divine Comedy A Secret History Setanta/Red ink
42 Sixteen Deluxe The Moonman's Blue Sugar Fix
43 Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow Snapper
44 Pilot Light Color Everything Pine Tree
45 Grade Under the Radar Victory
46 Cinematic Orchestra Motion Ninja Tune
47 A Minor Forest So Were They in Some Sort of Fight? My Pal God
48 Distortion Felix I'm an Athlete Alias
49 TV Killers Have a Blitz on You Estrus
50 Move Movements West Side

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