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Weekly Rock Report for October 2, 1999
1 Adverts Singles Collection Cherry Red
2 Macha See It Another Way Jetset
3 Drags 45x3 Empty
4 Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs Merge
5 Various Pebbles Vol. 12: The World AIP
6 Cheater Slicks Refried Dreams In the Red
7 Various Killed By Death #5 Redrum
8 Various Rip Off: The Early Ones Rip Off
9 White Stripes White Stripes Sympathy for the Record Industry
10 Big Boy Pete Psycho Relics Dionysus
11 "Phelps, Joel R.L." Blackbird Pacifico
12 Kenne Highland Klan Gemini on a Full Moon Dino
13 Brother JT 3 Way to Go Drag City
14 Arcwelder Everest Touch and Go
15 Move Movements West Side
16 TV Killers Have a Blitz on You Estrus
17 Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Rumble Triad/Heat Wave
18 Exploding White Mice Brute Force and Ignorance Normal
19 Various Killed By Death #3 Redrum
20 Various Killed By Death #4 Redrum
21 Various Killed By Death #6 Redrum
22 Blanks 77 CBH Radical
23 Knoxville Girls Knoxville Girls In the Red
24 Dragons R*L*F Junk
25 Rock City Crime Wave/Lamont split CD Curve of the Earth
26 Minders Cul-de-Sacs and Dead Ends Spinart
27 Pretty Things Emotions Snapper
28 "Bailiff, Jessica" Hour of the Trace Kranky
29 Lakuna Castle of Crime 4AD
30 Various Killed By Death #12 Redrum
31 Weaklings Just the Way We Like It Junk
32 Various Killed By Death #2 Redrum
33 Various You Gotta Have Moxie Vol. 2 AIP
34 Various Teenage Shutdown: Teen Jangler Blowout! Crypt
35 Distortion Felix I'm an Athlete Alias

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