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Monthly Rock Report for October 2000
1 In Out A Living Memorial in Deutschland Dark Beloved Cloud
2 Alchemysts Zero Zen Rubric
3 Experimental Aircraft Experimental Aircraft Devil in the Woods
4 Eleventh Dream Day Stalled Parade Thrill Jockey
5 Bettie Serveert Private Suit Hidden Agenda
6 Damon & Naomi with Ghost Damon & Naomi with Ghost Sub Pop
7 Hives Veni Vidi Vicious Epitaph
8 Go-Betweens The Friends of Rachel Worth Jetset
9 Various A Fistful Of Rock 'n Roll Vol. 5 Tee Pee
10 Peepshows Mondo Deluxe Scooch Pooch
11 Trans Am Red Line Thrill Jockey
12 Cave In Jupiter Hydra Head
13 "Knox, Chris" Beat Thirsty Ear
14 Elf Power The Winter is Coming Sugar Free
15 Bright Full Negative (or) Breaks Ba Da Bing
16 Sea and Cake Oui Thrill Jockey
17 Hellbenders Pop Rock Suicide Deadbeat
18 Photon Band Oh the Sweet Sweet Changes Darla
19 Misunderstood Before The Dream Faded Cherry Red
20 Quintron Unmasked Organ Light Year of Infinity Man Bulb
21 Chants R&B Stage Door Witchdoctors Bacchus
22 Mooney Suzuki People Get Ready Estrus
23 Three Years Down Creepy Baby 11345
24 Insomniacs Get Something Going! Estrus
25 Various A Fistful Of Rock 'n Roll Vol. 6 Tee Pee
26 Broke Revue Oldtime-Futureshock Milou
27 Sigur Ros Ag?tis Byrgun Fatcat
28 Automatics Murder Suicide Alien Snatch
29 Various Take The Brain Train To The Third Eye: Bud Mathis' Sunset Trip Bacchus
30 Forgotten Keep the Corpses Quiet TKO
31 Gaza Strippers 1000 Watt Confessions Lookout!
32 Versus Hurrah Merge
33 Lassie Foundation Pacifico Shogun
34 Various Free the West Memphis 3 Koch
35 Fuses Are Lies Reptilian
36 Controllers Controllers Dionysus
37 Blow Tops Deep Thrust Flying Bomb
38 Elevator A Taste of Complete Perspective Teenage USA
39 Octant Car Alarms and Crickets Up
40 Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set 8 Song Sampler MCA
41 Black Heart Procession Three Touch and Go
42 Valentine Killers "Let It Burn 7""" Junk
43 Add N to (X) Add Insult to Injury Mute
44 Schema Schema 5RC
45 Zero Boys Vicious Circle Panic Button
46 Heidi Can't Wait Heidirock
47 Bobbyteens Not So Sweet Estrus
48 Various Bloodstains Over Texas Bloodstains
49 Drowningman Rock and Roll Killing Machine Revelation
50 Dropkick Murphys/Business Mob Mentality Taang!

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