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Weekly Rock Report for October 21, 2000
1 Elf Power The Winter is Coming Sugar Free
2 Alchemysts Zero Zen Rubric
3 Photon Band Oh the Sweet Sweet Changes Darla
4 Versus Hurrah Merge
5 Speedealer Here Comes Death Palm
6 Estrella 20/20 Conspiracy Less Than TV
7 Insomniacs Get Something Going! Estrus
8 Hives Veni Vidi Vicious Epitaph
9 Misunderstood Before The Dream Faded Cherry Red
10 Elevator A Taste of Complete Perspective Teenage USA
11 Peepshows Mondo Deluxe Scooch Pooch
12 Deathray Davies The Return of the Drunk Ventriloquist Idol
13 Duster Contemporary Movement Up
14 Experimental Aircraft Experimental Aircraft Devil in the Woods
15 Fat Day Cats of the Wild 100% Breakfast
16 Various A Fistful Of Rock 'n Roll Vol. 6 Tee Pee
17 Eleventh Dream Day Stalled Parade Thrill Jockey
18 Sea and Cake Oui Thrill Jockey
19 Heidi Can't Wait Heidirock
20 Go-Betweens The Friends of Rachel Worth Jetset
21 In Out A Living Memorial in Deutschland Dark Beloved Cloud
22 Various Disarming Violence Fastmusic
23 Gaza Strippers 1000 Watt Confessions Lookout!
24 Neptune 3.5 Heliotrope
25 Chino Mala Leche Mag Wheel
26 Various Free the West Memphis 3 Koch
27 Various This Is Mod Get Back
28 Sigur Ros Ag?tis Byrgun Fatcat
29 Zero Boys Vicious Circle Panic Button
30 Limes Turn Your Lights Off Limes
31 Godspeed You Black Emperor! Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven Kranky
32 Quintron Unmasked Organ Light Year of Infinity Man Bulb
33 Chants R&B Stage Door Witchdoctors Bacchus
34 Mascott Follow the Sound Le Grand Magistery
35 Baseball Furies All-American Psycho Flying Bomb

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