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Weekly Rock Report for December 31, 2000
1 Fall The Unutterable Eagle
2 Holiday Rain Holiday Rain's Nightmare Serendipity
3 Chinese Millionaires Detroit Double Cross Rip Off
4 Moviees Become One of Them Sundazed
5 Fun People The Art(e) of Romance Little Deputy
6 Kinski Space Launch For Frenchie Kinski
7 Various Surprise Package Vol. 2 Flying Bomb
8 Scenic Spheres Independent Project
9 Places The Autopilot Knows You Best Absolutely Kosher
10 Karate Unsolved Southern
11 Various Know Your Enemy Archenemy
12 Green Pajamas Narcotic Kisses Camera Obscura
13 Chad & Jeremy Distant Shores Sundazed
14 Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "No Old Guy, Lo-Fi Cry" Rockathon
15 Corvette Summer Corvette Summer Cheap Thrill
16 "Buckner, Richard" The Hill Overcoat
17 Alchemysts Zero Zen Rubric
18 Paul Revere & The Raiders Mojo Workout! Sundazed
19 Pretty Things Electric Banana Repertoire
20 Decals You (That's All We Ever Talk About) Fanatic
21 Kermit's Finger/Zippo Raid "Split 7""" Fanatic
22 Frigate Blow Me Down Spinning
23 Comas A Def Needle in Tomorrow Plastique
24 Creation Our Music Is Red - With Purple Flashes Diabolo
25 Death Cab For Cutie Forbidden Love Bark
26 "Harvey, PJ" Stories From the City Stories From the Sea Island
27 Explosion Steal This Revelation
28 Heidi Can't Wait Heidirock
29 Air Formation Air Formation Drive-In
30 Garageland Do What You Want Foodchain
31 Song of Zarathustra The Birth of Tragedy Troubleman
32 !!! (Bang Bang Bang) !!! (Bang Bang Bang) RS
33 Bunny Brains Sin Gulls (Goring St. Eddy) Menlo Park
34 Last Stand Any Battle Won One Way
35 Hopewell The Curved Glass Priapus

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