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Monthly Rock Report for January 2001
1 "Deviants, Mick Farren & the" This CD is Condemned Total Energy
2 Chinese Millionaires Detroit Double Cross Rip Off
3 Action Time Versus the World Southern
4 Various Knock You Flat! Volume Two Beat Rocket
5 Easybeats Absolute Anthology Albert
6 Revillos From the Freezer Damaged Goods
7 Fun People The Art(e) of Romance Little Deputy
8 Low Things We Lost in the Fire Kranky
9 Reds Reds Rip Off
10 Asteroid B612 Readin' Between the Lines Full Toss
11 Onyas Heterospective Corduroy
12 Holiday Rain Holiday Rain's Nightmare Serendipity Doda
13 Moviees Become One of Them Sundazed
14 Electro Group A New Pacifica Omnibus
15 Palace of Oranges Prepare to Meet a Guest Rubric
16 Creation Our Music Is Red - With Purple Flashes Diabolo
17 Sultans Ghost Ship Swami
18 Seksu Roba Seksu Roba Crippled Dick
19 Pan Sonic Aaltopiiri Mute
20 White Stripes "Party of Special Things to Do 7""" Sub Pop
21 Bombshell Rocks Cityrats & Alleycats Burning Heart
22 Lune Blameless Crow Point
23 Damnation The Damnation of Adam Blessing Akarma
24 Causey Way Causey vs. Everything Alternative Tentacles
25 Various Runt of the Litter #5 Fan Attic
26 Various Shake Sauvage Crippled Dick
27 Unisex Stratosfear Double Agent
28 Various O Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack Universal
29 New Pornographers Mass Romantic Mint
30 Bellrays Grand Fury Upper Cut
31 Fall The Unutterable Eagle
32 Places The Autopilot Knows You Best Absolutely Kosher
33 Mummies Runnin' on Empty Vol. 2 Estrus
34 Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Vol II Rhythm Vicar
35 Various Old Skars & Upstarts 2001 Disaster
36 Trash Brats "7""" Lawless
37 Various Wowsville! Monsieur
38 Warlocks Warlocks Bomp!
39 Cosmic Psychos 15 Years-A Million Beers Corduroy
40 Brian Jonestown Massacre Zero Bomp!
41 Thug Murder The 13th Round TKO
42 Explosion Steal This Revelation
43 Air Formation Air Formation Drive-In
44 This is Adelaide This is Adelaide Suburban
45 Kinski Space Launch For Frenchie Kinski
46 Bunny Brains Sin Gulls (Goring St. Eddy) Menlo Park
47 Beef Terminal 20 Goto 10 Noise Factory
48 Sunshine Velvet Suicide Big Wheel
49 Barcelona Zero-One-Infinity March
50 Angelic Upstarts Angel Dust Cherry Red

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