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Weekly Rock Report for November 30, 2002
1 Various This is Christmas Eskimo Bob
2 Ride OX4 The Best Of First Time
3 Bob Dylan Live 1975 Columbia
4 "Banhart, Devandra" Oh Me Oh My . . . Young God
5 Death Cab For Cutie You Can Play These Songs With Chords Barsuk
6 Various 45 Seconds Of Simballrec
7 Datson Four In See! Off the Hip
8 Oneida/Liars "Atheists, Reconsider" Arrco
9 Sun City Girls Flute & Mask Abduction
10 Green Pajamas Northern Gothic Obscura
11 Stereo Total Musique Automatique Kill Rock Stars
12 Clientele Haunted Melody Merge
13 True Love Always Clouds Teenbeat
14 Torrez The Evening Drag Kimchee
15 Godspeed You Black Emperor Yanqui U.X.O. Constellation
16 Donnas College Sampler Atlantic
17 Acro-Brats Kicking and Screaming Susspect
18 Groovie Ghoulies Go! Stories Stardumb
19 Lost Sounds Rat's Brains & Microchips Empty
20 Dents Dents Dents
21 Marine Girls Lazyways/beach Party Cherry Red
22 Dim Dim Kiwi Audiodregs
23 Damone From the Attic RCA
24 Baby Grand Specturm Spy-Fi
25 Windy & Carl Introspection BlueFlea
26 Kinski Kinski ep Subpop
27 Touch Me Theres Hit by the Short Pontco
28 Girls Live At The Rathskeller 5.17.79 Abaton Book Company
29 Rainer Maria Ears Ring Polyvinyl
30 Lust-o-Rama Pure Lust Cordoroy
31 Arlo Runaround Subpop
32 Pacific Ocean So Beautiful And Cheap And Warm Teenbeat
33 Supercharger Singles Party 1992-1993 Riposs
34 Suntan Suntan Kimchee
35 Hunches Yes. No. Shut It. In the red

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