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Weekly Rock Report for March 29, 2003
1 Various Acid Visions7 Spalax
2 Triple Thick Honeychile Leisure King
3 Various Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils Dolores
4 Gee Strings Arrest Me Dead Beat
5 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Pig Lib Matador
6 Mendoza Line If They Knew This Was The End Barnone
7 Scenic Acid Gospel Experience Hidden Agenda
8 Sahara Hotnights Keep Up the Speed Jetset
9 Clone Defects Shapes Of Venus In The Red
10 Shakin' Nasties Better then Television Radio Bcast
11 Stratford 4 Love + Distortion Jetset
12 Bettie Serveert Log 22 Hidden Agenda
13 Rubber City Rebels Pierce My Brain Smog Veil
14 Tod Dockstader & James Reichert Omniphony 1 ReR
15 Kaada Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuble Time Ipecac
16 Dillard + Clark Fantastic Expedition A+M
17 Various Before Birdmen Flew Vol. 4 Vengeance
18 SubArachnoid Space Also Rising Strange Attractors Audio House
19 Bellrays Raw Collection Upper Cut
20 Queen Cobra Queen Cobra -
21 Deerhoof Apple o' KRS
22 Sonny Vincent The Good The Bad The Ugly Acetate
23 Testors Complete Recordings Swami
24 Various Raging Teens Norton
25 Les Baton Rouge Chloe Yurtz Elevator
26 Dump Grown-Ass Man Shrimper
27 FM Knives Useless & Modern Broken Rekids
28 Mickey Baker Wildest Guitar Sepia Tone
29 Aislers Set How I Learned To Write Backwards Suicide Squeeze
30 Cul De Sac Death of the Sun Strange Attractors
31 Various 2001 a Space Rock Odyssey Sanctuary
32 Mean Red Spiders Still Life Fast Moving Clairecords
33 Buzzcocks Buzzcocks Merge
34 Devil Music Mastul Mister
35 Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow Load

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