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Weekly Rock Report for December 6, 2003
1 Various Songs the Cramps Taught 3 STC TU
2 Various Rustler Presents: Because You're Funky Lo
3 Curses Curses Empty
4 Teengenerate Savage Sympathy for the Record Industry
5 Streetwalking Cheetahs Maximum Overdrive Alive
6 Dukes of Nothing War & Wine Tortuga
7 Mummies Death By Unga Bunga!! Estrus
8 Various Black + Proud Vol. 1 Trikont
9 Black Helicopter That Specific Function Traktor
10 Hard-Ons Very Exciting! Bomp!
11 Alternative TV Image Has Cracked Anagram
12 Stereolab Instant O in the Universe Elektra
13 Human Beinz Evoltion Ascension
14 Fall Country on the Click Action
15 Various Killed By Death #20 -
16 Various Messthetics #6 Hyped 2 Death
17 Instrumental Quarter No More Secrets Sickroom Records
18 Motorhead Overkill Get Back
19 Various Psychedelic Experience Subliminal Sounds
20 Buff Medways 1914 Transcopic
21 Various Clarion Call RPM
22 Canterbury Music Festival Rain & Shine Revola
23 Minds Plastic Girls Dirtnap
24 Birge Gorge Shiroc Defense De Mio
25 Various Folk And Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 1 -
26 Fela Roforofo Fight/ The Fela Singles MCA
27 Phenomenological Boys The Rainbow Record Dave's Cock
28 Nervous Cop Nervous Cop 5RC
29 Guru Guru UFO Spalax
30 Fuse! The Fisherman's Wife In The Red
31 Adventure Time Dreams Of Water Themes Plug Research
32 Pimmon Snaps Crackles Pops Tigerbeat6
33 Various Powerpearls Vol. 6 -
34 Elbow Cast of Thousands V2
35 Abner Jay One-Man Band Mio Records

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