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Weekly Rock Report for January 17, 2004
1 Metal Urbain Anarchy in Paris! Acute
2 Oneida Secret Wars Jagjaguwar
3 Mr. Airplane Man C'mon DJ SFTRI
4 Triste Janero Meet - Rev-Ola
5 Fennesz Endless Summer Mego
6 Various Do Whatever You Want Don't Do Whatever You Don't Want Earworm
7 "Hawkshaw, Alan" Mo'Hawk RPM
8 Curses Curses Empty
9 Venom Welcome to Hell Neat
10 Y Pants Y Pants Perodic Document
11 Hella Devil Isn't Red KRS
12 Maher Shalal Hash Baz Blues Du Jour Geographic
13 Porest Prude Juice for the Heratage Swinger Seeland/ElectromotiveHella
14 Mekons Punk Rock 1/4 Stick
15 Various Funk Soul Sisters BGP
16 Muffs Hamburger SFTRI
17 Rocket From The Tombs Rocket Redux Smog Veil
18 Hang on the Box For Every Punk Bitch and Asshole Arrividerci Baby
19 Volebeats Country Favorites Turquise Mountain
20 Mystery Girls Turned On Tuning In 7 Bancroft
21 Dead C The Damned Starlight Furniture
22 Instrumental Quarter No More Secrets Sickroom Records
23 Minds Plastic Girls Dirtnap
24 Unicorns Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? Alien 8
25 Various Blue Skied an' Clear Moor Music
26 Moles On The Street Wishing Tree
27 Sunn)) 00 Void Dirtier
28 Mountain Goats Palmcorder Yajna 4AD
29 Wasps Punkryonics Overground
30 Various Storm In The Garage Akarma
31 Revolutionary Snake Ensemble Year of the Snake Innova
32 Sandy Salisbury Do Unto Others Sound City
33 Various In My Imagination Sequel
34 Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee Ramone Trend is Dead
35 Various Radio Java Sublime Frequencies

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