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Monthly Rock Report for August 2007
1 Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire Punk Rock At the British Legion Hall Damaged Goods
2 Bob Burns Terminal Breakdown Gearhead
3 Kinski Down Below It's Chaos Sub Pop
4 Bleach03 Eats Meats & Slobbers Australian Cattle God
5 Whore Moans Watch Out For This Thing Wizard House
6 Ulrich Schnauss Goodbye Domino
7 TurboNegro Retox Scandanavian Leather
8 Cheater Slicks Walk Into The Sea Dead Canary
9 Liars Liars Mute
10 Hex Dispensers The Hex Dispensers Alien Snatch
11 Stereo Total Paris Berlin Kill Rock Stars
12 Bottom of the Hudson Fantastic Hawk Absolutely Kosher
13 Haunted George Pile O' Meat Hook or Crook
14 Chelsea Smiles Thirty Six Hours Later Acetate
15 Manual Lost Days Open Skies and Streaming Tides Darla
16 Airiel The Battle of Sealand High Wheel
17 Stabilisers Wanna Do The Wild Plastic Wicked Cool
18 Bad Brains Build a Nation Megaforce
19 Hentchmen Hentch.Forth.Five Archer
20 Caribou Andorra Merge
21 New Pornographers Challengers Matador
22 Clorox Girls J'aime Les Filles BYO
23 Leftovers On The Move Rally
24 Final Solutions Songs By Solutions Goner
25 Ketman Golden Fiction Lifted & Gifted
26 Campaign for Real-Time LA Tracks (1993-1969) -
27 Low In The Sky We Are All Counting On You William Abandoned Building
28 High Tension Wires Midnight Cashier Dirtnap
29 Various Live at WVFS WVFS
30 Marissa Nadley Songs III: Bird On The Water Kemado
31 Mod Fun Now ? and Again Kool Aid Kid
32 Adverts Cast of Thousands-The Ultimate Edition The Devil's Jukebox
33 Hallelujah The Hills Collective Psychosis Be Gone Misra
34 Various Hide and Seek Soundlink
35 Amp All of Yesterday Tomorrow Rroopp
36 Muck and the Mires I'm Down With That 7-inch Dirty Water
37 Mucca Pazza A Little Marching Band -
38 Various Garage Mayhem Headshop
39 Various Phil's Spectre III ACE
40 You Say Party! We Say Die! Lose All Time Paper Bag
41 Rectangles Suspended Animation 7-inch Discourage
42 Rapoon From Shadows Sleep essencemusic
43 Okkervil River The Stage Names Jagjaguwar
44 Deaf This Bunny Bites Learning Curve
45 Bald Eagle Hot Shoulders Emergency Umbrella
46 Numbers Now You Are This Kill Rock Stars
47 Watts One Below The All Time Low -
48 MIA Kala interscope
49 Mirah & Spectratone International Share This Place Krecs
50 Dirty Projectors Rise Above Dead Oceans

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