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Weekly Rock Report for December 5, 2009
1 26 Beers Long Walk Short Pier Rodent Popsicle
2 Bare Wires Artificial Clouds Tic Tac Totally
3 Black Hollies Softly Toward the Light Ernest Jenning Record Co.
4 Bombsquad Larry Love Lust & Beer OMS
5 Black Feelings Black Feelings Alien8
6 Fabulous Disaster I'm A Mess Rodent Popsicle
7 False Alarm/Youth Gone Mad Split EP False Alarm
8 Frank Booth's Car Punk Rock Garage OMS
9 Damage Pants Damage Pants Bombay Cove
10 Cold Cave Love Comes Close Matador
11 Cyanide Destruct Cyanide Destruct Rodent Popsicle
12 Eyes Like Saucers Parmalee Tribute To A Dog Ikuisuus/Rural Faune
13 Chambermaids 45 RPM Modern Radio
14 Cloak/Dagger Lost Art Jade Tree
15 "Dempster, Stuart + Tom Heasley + Eric Glick Rieman" Echoes of Syros full Bleed
16 Dead Cats Dead Rats Riff -
17 U.K. Subs Endangered Species DOJO
18 Neats 1981-84 The Ace of Hearts Years Ace of Hearts
19 Various Singapore a Go-Go Sublime Frequencies
20 Mission of Burma The Sound The Speed The Light Matador
21 Various Get Smarter Past & Present
22 Lightning Bolt Earthly Delights Load
23 Various Psych Funk 101 World Psychedelic Funk
24 Human Beinz Nobody But Me Collectables
25 Hindi Gods Do or Die French Fan Club
26 Suburban Showdown Any Minor Inconvenience Rodent Popsicle
27 Tune-Yards Bird-Brains 4AD
28 Pains of Being Pure at Heart High Than The Stars Slumberland
29 Skeleton Witch Breathing The Fire Prosthetic
30 Acrobrats Hey Medusa Susspool
31 Various Mayhem & Psychosis Laroche
32 Pants Yell! Received Pronounciation Slumberland
33 Various "Piccadilly Sunshine, Vol.2" Past & Present
34 Public Nuisance Back With A Swill Rodent Popsicle
35 Various Piccadilly Sunshine Past & Present

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